I want to Burn Narendra Modi Alive

Not only that, but before that, I also want to first pull the nails of his feet and hands, then I want to plug out his eyeballs, then rip apart his reproductive organs, then lash him with nail-studded baton. This treatment is very less not only for that animal, but also for those creeps who massacred and raped thousands of Muslims in Indian province Gujarat in February 2002.

On 27th February, 2002 in Indian Gujarat, thousands of extremist and fanatic Hindus murdered more than two thousands Muslims. More than 200,000 Muslims were rendered homeless. Thousands of Muslim women were raped and then burned alive. Hindu extremists raided the houses of Muslims, beheaded their males, killed their children, paraded their females without dress in the streets of Gujarat, gang raped them and then burned them alive.

According to the state statistics; 1679 homes, 1965 shops, and 21 warehouses, which belonged to Muslims were burned down. 2046 shops of Muslim owners were looted. 241 Madaris and 180 Mosques were devastated. Even the rabid Hindus showed their Chankia bloodiness by romping out the graves of lots of Muslims. In an another event, Hindu Satans attacked the home of Muslim Member of Parliament, Iqbal Hassan Jafri, who belonged to Congress Party. Iqbal telephoned to the chief minister of Gujarat and the high officials of police for help. Police came but stood aside and watched one of the most heinous crimes in the history. Followers of Hanuman, first beheaded Iqbal Hassan Jafri, then raped his young daughters, plundered his home, and then set it on fire. This Hinduic act was repeated in thousands of homes in Gujarat.

Rogues of RSS, VHP and other terrorist Hindu outfits did all the murdering, raping and looting with the blessing and support of Gujarat government run by Narendra Modi. They were planning it for quite some months, and the entire massacre, raping, and looting was pre-planned. Still the main murderer Narendra Modi is on loose, and still the chief minister of Gujarat, and reports are that he is planning yet another massacre in the same area to get a next term. His Hindu voters like to murder, rape and plunder.

12 thoughts on “I want to Burn Narendra Modi Alive”

  1. narendra modi done a good job for the development of gujarat, and all the news u heard is just a canard… we cant blam him, he really did a good job dats y he selected as cm since last 3 terms..i support modi agenda

  2. We all MUSLIMS know that hindu will not accept their crimes so we should try to preach islamic educations to them.

    I think that is a good way to make them a human being.


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