I didn’t Kill Benazir

Though Asif Ali Zardari talks high about the legacy of Benazir Bhutto, but in practice he has done very little to locate or investigate the assassins of his late wife, and the reasons behind her assassination. Still, the matter of investigation is in limbo, and there is no rush on that front.

Now Chief of Tehreek Taliban-e-Pakistan Baitullah Mehsud has denied his involvement in assassination of Benazir Bhutto. He has categorically said that he has nothing to do with the killing of Benazir Bhutto, and he wants his name clear of this gory act of terrorism.

Baitullah Mehsud has raised a very important question. “We have not martyred Benazir Bhutto. If we have killed her, who had slain her father and brothers?” The Mehsud has become the most sought after man in Pakistan and he is badly asked by the United States. After the horrendous assassination of Benazir Bhutto he becomes the number one target of security forces after Osama Bin Laden.

Though you cannot trust the terrorists, but one has to ask from PPP government as why they are not showing urgency in this crunch matter?

6 thoughts on “I didn’t Kill Benazir”

  1. Zardari is responsible for removing
    almost to be named
    The future 3rrd Time Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto.

    He is responsible for everything from Ato Z.
    He should be attested and jailed,along with musharraf,for allowing Bhutto to travel with no security,and sniper m en hanging all around the land,
    waiting for any chance,
    fire at her.
    Shame on Musharraf,Zardari and the paki Govt.forces ,i believe that
    All 3 are responsible .

  2. Yes that is correct. And General Musharraf SHARED this intelligence with Benazir over the phone while she was in Dubai. This is COMMON knowledge.

    But Benazir paid no heed to Musharraf’s pleas for her NOT to come to Pakistan. He agreed to even provide her with security, while Zardari also hired for her bullet proof Land Cruisers.

    Everybody in the Land Cruiser survived except for her. She decided to stick her head out of a sunroof. This is a serious lapse in security when somebody behaves like this.

    Benazir did not deserve what she got. Nobody deserves death, even if you dont agree with their political views. But one must use their brains –and if they dont use their brains and think in intelligent manner, then of course they will face the consequences.

    There was intelligence that suicide bombers were plotting to kill her. She took the risk and she paid for it.

    I really despise these morons who blame General Musharraf for everything. What else could he do for her? Put her on a leash?

  3. whether baitullah killed her or not this is clear that hands of higher echolen of establishment were do involved in conspiracy ………..atleast pre attempt information was alsoshared by MUSHARAF.

  4. if this is an attempt to clear Baitullah, then it makes me sick.

    I would do all in my power to see that Mehsud and his punk mafia ‘soldiers’ are all riddled with bullets from a modified MG-3 assault rifle with incendiary hollow-point rounds.

    bastard militants are our sworn enemy……

    i doubt zardari killed his wife……but it is true that he is living like a king now….going to dubai and london, living like a VIP after his PPP won the sympathy vote.

    he means well, but his govt. is a total disaster for Pakistan. Total disaster. One blunder after another.


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