I almost forgot! The Eid

The distressed security situation, the price hikes of food items, electricity troubles, upcoming gas shortage in winter and how to forget petrol prices have almost made me that a God gifted luxury is on its way, the Eid. Alas, in twenty four years of my life, this is the first time I forgot that Eid-ul-fitr is few days away.

Why? Why is all this happening? Why are we unable to control law and justice in our own country? Why is everything getting worse day by day? Why despite so many suggestions made by each and every sector of our polity, the government is still not capable to implement even one of them. Oh please stop all these foreign tours. The country needs a leader who is interested in solving domestic problems first. Let the army take care of the borders. Please look at your people, suicide attempts are on an increase for the impetus of hunger. Male members of poor homes are preferring to die over life as they are ashamed that why can’t they feed their families twice a day. Please try to understand they are not demanding luxury but just bread.

1 thought on “I almost forgot! The Eid”

  1. Well written. All these foreign tours are a joke. At the same no one asks people to have 12 kids if they don’t have enough money in their pockets to feed them. People commiting suicide is not any leaders fault. Hunger or no hunger.


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