Hypocrisy and Corruption

Corruption in the government, public and private organization is a curse for the whole nation. It leaves very bad effect on the society which results disease in the body as well as the real feelings and love are practically dead in people. Obviously, when the very source becomes dry, the channels of justice, good deeds and fine character, which can flow from it, are not to be seen any longer. This is exactly what is clear today and that is the rootcause of all the tensions, frustrations and the sub-human crimes.

It has affected not only the corporate but a layman who is living a single life in Pakistani society nepotism and redtapism are the branches of corruption. People of Pakistan as well as government of Pakistan tried hard to eradicate this curse from the society but in vain one can not do his legal work without giving bribe to the government servants. He can not do get done his job from the government employees without giving their Hissa / bribe.

Flattering and hypocrisy are also sub-branches of this corruption. Mostly it happens when uneducated / less-educated are given the job who are unable to accomplish their tasks. So they go from hypocrisy, leg-pulling and flattering in place of hard work and loyalty.

Following are some ways to come to an end this curse from the society but moral courage is needed for the purpose:

a) People have to rely one Allah who is most beneficent.

b) The individual have to perform his duty only to please Allah and than after completion his job, he should leave that result to Allah.

c) The corporate sector needs a lot of improvement.

d) Proper checks are needed to be put on.

e) People have to be educated to discourage the ways of corruption.

So these are the points that the society can get relax and success in their lives.

2 thoughts on “Hypocrisy and Corruption”

  1. So true, these observations. the leaders should look into our history as Muslims. the Khilafat leaders (Khulafa e rashidin) are examples to follow. They believed and acted on the rule that they were to serve the nation, and not the other way round. And do it for Allah’s sake. it’s the other way round now. Pity. Allah have mercy on us all.

  2. Bribe is haram in our religion ! Everyone is aware of the fact being a muslim …There is nooo solution to this every1 is corrupted …. I guess we should keep close watch to ourselves indulgin in such sort of illegal transaction ….


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