HyperStar comes to Karachi

HyperstarHyperStar in Dolmen City Mall at Sea View, Karachi is talk of town these days.

HyperStar Dolmen Mall KarachiHyperStar is brought to Pakistan by Majid Al Futtaim Retail of UAE. In UAE, Majid Al Futtaim Hypermarkets represent (and thus known as) Carrefour, the world’s second largest retailer.

Majid Al Futtaim Retail manages around 40 hypermarkets in the Middle East region. In Pakistan and Iran they are known as HyperStar.

In Pakistan, HyperStar opened its first outlet in Lahore Fortress Stadium, while second outlet was opened in Karachi, at Dolmen City Mall.

Here are some good and bad points about HyperStar in Karachi, observed during a recent visit:

The Good:

– Good to see a company that represents Carrefour in Middle East coming to Pakistan.
– HyperStar and Dolmen City Mall will provide lots of jobs, as well as generate a positive image of Karachi.
– Ample parking space with attendants to guide visitors.
– Product variety, shelving and display is just like Carrefour.

The Bad:

– Limited floor space available for customers as too many products are cramped into comparatively less space.
– Staff was seen chatting around in groups, ignoring customers.
– There was no attendant at Computers section, smart phones section was hijacked by a family who were busy taking their pictures through the HTC tablet on display.
– Announcement was made that food and drinks are not allowed inside Hyperstar and anyone found consuming edibles will be charged double price of the product. That was quite embarrassing.

In Karachi HyperStar has to compete with Naheed and Imitiaz, two established retailers, while Chase Up is also coming up as top choice for convenience shopping. Not to mention the wholesale outlets like Makro and Metro. Hope that HyperStar will maintain its quality and service standards as observed elsewhere in the world and not go desi after some time.

Have you been to HyperStar? Share your views on product prices, store environment, customer services and any other things that you have noticed there.

2 thoughts on “HyperStar comes to Karachi”

  1. very nice parking space and light system. but it is getting dating hub for young boys and girls now.
    except this its a very nice place to shop around.

  2. Finally, a dubai /UAE style shopping mall comes to Karachi.The parking is great equivalent to any of the Dubai or Saudi Malls. Local customers will learn slowly. Small stores like Naheed, Imtiaz,others will survive well as regional demands are growing.
    it is amazing to note the number of jobs created in Dolman Mall to yuoth for cusomer assistance, security and survillence.
    Need multiplex Cinemas at such location.


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