Hyper Tension Due to TV

The news about suicide blasts and the bombing is not going to cease any soon in the future, but we have to take heart and have to objectively think about it, before giving any suggestion to curb it out. First of all we must not fear, and then instead of talking, we have to act and act fast.

We have to take collective decision, and for that to implement and succeed, we need a leader. Decisions based on fear almost never create a lasting solution- even if they seem to support good means to end terrorism and good ideas. They are even likely to create more fear.

One suggestion people give is to support calm and reduce fear, don’t watch too much television. Just the tone of voice used by most commentators is enough to raise your blood pressure, even when you aren’t watching. With the addictive input of TV or talk shows we become hyper-tense, and we loose sanity and common wisdom.

Do you agree with this?

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