United States doesn’t really understand the democracy at large. They have implemented it nicely back in their home, but replication of it in the light of their own domestic values is something hard to grasp for the people they prop-up in the developing countries.

Agreed that they are not so naïve, and what is paramount for them is only their own interest, and that is why they install puppet regime in the name of salvation in the third world countries, but the damaging funny thing happens when US tries to translate the banana regimes into some thing genuine and try to make them natural. Synthetic dictators have never proved lastingly beneficial for the US or the world at large. Saddam Hussein, Shah of Iran, and various others have proved it to the world. Osama Bin Laden wasn’t a ruler, but he was not less than one, and now look at the creeps he is (if he exists, of course) giving to the common American. Though he is the best excuse right now for US government to leverage the world’s resources.

There is lots of talk nowadays in the American newspapers about attacking Pakistan. The biggest excuse they have innovated is that in case the Musharraf is deposed, the militants would jump at the nuclear arms, grab them, and will start shooting them at US and its allies. This theory seems to have caught on, and the way its gaining popularity is amazing.

The US should forego the policy of aggression and operations. Not only it shouldn’t take seriously the possibility of invading Pakistan, but it should also rethink its trigger-happy strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan. In Pakistan, people are fed up of this wave of terrorism, and they are really angry with the happenings. They don’t give a damn to the so-called CIA agent Osama Bin Laden, and they don’t give a damn to US’s theories about nukes. They have acquired the celebrated nuclear capability to secure themselves from the ever-salivating archenemy India, and they only opted to go for nukes in their defense when in early 70s India test fired the nuclear devices.

The idea that invading a country to implement peace is objectively the greatest strategy of US government is nothing more than American hubris.

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