How to make a Human Being

A recipe from God’s book of creations.



– A physical body belonging to the race of Homo sapiens.

– Compatible body driver software (metaphysical/mental in nature) commonly known as the ‘mind’.

– A pure absolute manifested user (only available in Soul Industries under the ownership of God) commonly known as the ‘soul’.

– One cup of qualities based on astrology/numerology/astronomy.

– Two cups of qualities derived from parents’ genes .

– Atavism powder.

– Curiosity Essence.

– Chopped Consciousness pieces.

– Emotion Sauce.

– Garnish (beauty, love, truth etc)

– Oblivion water.


Take a soul with a labeled purpose. Press the label so that the purpose is deeply embedded in the soul, then take out the label and put it in a safe place.

Take the body and put it in a container filled with the mind (and oblivion water) so that every cell of the body absorbs the intelligence of the mind. Take a bowl of ‘creation’; add the three cups of qualities, a few drops of curiosity, and one teaspoon of atavism powder. Wash the Consciousness pieces with Oblivion water, dip in the Emotion sauce and add to the bowl. Take out the body when it absorbs the whole of the mind, and marinate it with the contents of the bowl.

Garnish with beauty, love, truth, kindness, courage, empathy, whatever goes with the label of the soul. Keep the body in an oven safe and suitable for its development. After 4 months, make an envelope of the soul and put the body in it. Leave for 3-5 more months.

Dish for two. Serve.  

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