How to lose 10 pounds in 10 days

Imagine what a pound of weight off your waist line could do for your confidence. Now imagine what 10 pounds could do. It could change your life!

With day to day life getting more and more stressful people are finding it difficult to eat correctly and even more difficult to find time to exercise.

With a little bit of dedication and the right mindset you can be on your way to losing those pounds, one pound at a time! Here are 4 great tips to get you started on your way to losing 10 pounds:

– Eat correctly. This is more powerful than any medication you can ever take. Medications are expensive and often very unnecessary. What you are not told is they need to be taken with a good diet and regular exercise to work! A proper diet is essential to weight loss.

– Regular Exercise: Ok this can be a little tricky if you have a hectic life style. Changing your habits slightly with things like walking up the stairs to work, cycling to work if possible or even taking an evening restful walk can reduce weight considerably.

– Take up a hobby. Sometimes we eat because we are hungry. Sometimes we eat because we are just plain bored! Do something about your boredom. Take up a hobby. Do something you love or are interested in to take you mind that burger and chips you were about to eat greedily.

– Set yourself goals. Make sure your goals are reasonable though! Don’t try and lose 10 pounds in 3 days! Keep at it one pound at a time.

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  2. To lose ten pounds by exercise alone, you need to walk for at least five hours a week for a year. As for diet, you can lose ten pounds in six months if you give up eating all things made of flour (“atta”) and man-made sugar.

  3. Oh Dear ,
    I quickely opened this 10 pounds in 10 days
    but there are some people who can take 10years to loose 10lb’s if they follow your routine ( i mean some people need medications)


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