How to break Black Magic

Dear brothers and sisters,

I am getting sick and tired of seeing the number of people affected by black magic and ruining their lives. The problem is not in getting affected, but in not being able to find a cure and someone to explain the details. If i had believed in this stuff earlier and had known some of the details im going to present i would not have gone through unimaginable misery.

I know there are a lot of good people out there who will present you with cures but some of them are lengthy and some are complicated. I will present you with a simple cure and then the precautions. Before knowing the cure you must understand that black magic is powerless, i repeat powerless. It only becomes big if we allow it.

– Take a glass of water
– Recite darood sharif 11 times
– Recite bismillah hir rahmaan nir raheem 487 times
– Recite darood sharif 11 times (again)
– Blow 3 times on water and drink (Or give to someone affected to drink)

If you see bright whiteness then it means that the magic got extinguished. Just like water extinguishes fire.

Now some precautions:

Recite 3 quls (the last 3 surahs of the quran) and blow on yourself any time in the morning and ALSO before you sleep. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Do not miss out on this. PLEASE do this DAILY.

ALSO recite the kalmah 100 times everyday and ayatul kursi as much as possible.

Black magic is a disease which affects you according to the condition of the soul. Just like a disease will affect you according to the condition of your immune system. A weak soul increases the damage of black magic. Please stay away from sins as much as you can and pray 5 times a day. Read the Quran and do zikr of Allah. Try to adopt an islamic lifestyle. This will strengthen the soul immensely.

Some teenagers are addicted to filth the internet. (P***N and Mas*****tion). Until sometime back i used to think its because they have a dirty mind but this is not so. I cannot tell you the number of people who send questions to ulama and mufti hazrat around the age of 13-25 involved in this filth saying they are addicted and they want a way out. I know one person addicted to this. After learning about what i have written above he implemented it and alhamdulillah he tells me now that it has caused awesome change in his life. An increased sexual urge is a direct result of black magic. When i first read it somewhere i said to myself “What nonsense” but that is not the case.

Other symptoms include unnecessary daily fights between husband and wife, a painful heaviness on the heart, feeling breathless, constant bad dreams, rapid hair loss, sudden loss of interest in studies, inability to get married despite having good qualities, inability to control anger etc.

For more information on black magic please read my other 2 posts. I want to thank Allah for ridding me of Black Magic and for being a means of me being able to convey this to you.

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  1. My family and me is facing so many problems and because of black magic please help me and mail me in my Gmail I’d please give me some cure

  2. Dear brother
    I heard furniture draging sound, door banging sound, running sound and lot more sounds coming from my apt ceiling. I know it is jinn. Is there any remedy to get rid of this problem

  3. It is mentioned if black magic is extinguished we can see bright whiteness . my question is where we can noticed it on a sick person or at house or street outside of house? Pls clarify me.

  4. aoa zubair mai last 1 year say aik prob mai ho meray kids ka imigration ka sath case chal raha ha jo hal hota nazer nahi aa raha prob kuch bi nahi jis kisi ka pass jao boltay ha bandish ha plz aap batao mai kya karo mariam ahsan malayeka ahsan aayan ahmed mother name maria meri ticket april ka end tuk ha koi vazifa ka in 10 din mai kam ho jay


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