How nature makes me feel

Solidly at rest; that’s the nature of nature, to me. You see trees, waterfalls, and they will always be trees and waterfalls, until they cease to exist. There’s no identity crisis, no middle-age crisis, no sort of crises induced by the need for self-discovery. Everything is at rest, at peace with itself; following the pattern that has been set out for it; following the cycle of life. We are part of the cycle too, but our needs and interests change over time. We evolve. So do plants, trees, and ecosystems, but their respective characteristics never change over time? A desert is not conducive for savanna-based vegetation, even though it might have been a savanna a few centuries ago. Each ecosystem retains its characteristics during each lifetime. But the human mind can change from a desert to a savanna to an ocean during a single lifetime.

How does this make me feel? Among the chaos of the human world, nature provides stability. It is ever present; never changing in its needs. It is silent and immobile. It endures centuries of famine, drought, hate, war, and human suffering but remains unfazed in the sense of calm it can provide. It re-affirms your faith in the almighty hand that has arranged this set-up, this system. Something or someone had to create these rules the paradigm that nature and eventually we follow. Nature says to me: I will always be here and I will always be what I am, until the end of time. You might view me differently as your mind evolves, but I will always be what I started out as.

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