How Mega pixels are Important Today

The digital cameras mega pixels madness is very similar to the personal computer MHz madness back in the 90s. A mega pixel simple put is one million pixels recorded by your digital camera’s image sensor which is the equivalent of the light sensitive film in film cameras. Today while you go shopping for feature-rich digital cameras physically or on the Internet often you will find manufacturers running out of their ways telling this camera takes great pictures.

And if you’re just about to get a brand new digital camera you’ll save yourself a lot of hard earned dough by making the right choice about how many mega pixels you really need. First you’ll save money on the camera itself, since the price of a digital camera is directly related to the number of mega pixels it can capture. There is a direct relationship between the size of the CCD the digital camera uses the number of mega pixels it supports and the size of each pixel.

No because the biggest photo that I’ll print will be A4 or 10×8 and a 5 mega pixel camera is more than capable of producing a quality photo at that size. If you will be shooting pictures that will be printed at a print house, such as for brochures, postcards, etc, then you will need at least a 5 mega pixel camera if not higher. Let us go one step further on behalf of the average consumer and say you will not need more than ten mega pixels, unless you are a pro and like to blow up your pictures really big.

Here’s how to determine how many mega pixels you’ll need depending upon the type of photos you will be taking and what you intend to do with them. Expert photographers and reviewers have time and again said that as much as they would like to give a one word answer to one asking how many mega pixels would be fine for him/her this one happens to be of the trickiest questions in digital photography. It should be noted that there is no technical limit to mega pixels as there are professional digital cameras that support twenty to thirty mega pixels.

Digital cameras with resolutions of 10 to 13 mega pixels are well in the quality range of good 120mm professional cameras. Because today there are many cameras that offer the same number of mega pixels. At the end of the day the more mega pixels your camera can do the more options you have. Simply put mega pixels refer to how many millions of pixels make up the images a particular camera takes. The term mega pixels are usually used to describe the output size of digital camera images. Mega pixel is a technical term for million pixels where a single pixel is the smallest unit of color that a camera’s sensor is able to capture.

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