For an Oracle Database Administrator (DBA), the most exciting and promising areas is performance tuning. Due to its nature, this area has always remained elusive, esoteric and the domain of few selected ones. Historically, there have been myriad numbers of myths associated with performance tuning thanks to some junk self-proclaimed DBAs.

In the recent years, there have been lots of hue and cry regarding the fallacies of Oracle performance tuning. Oracle corporation answered it with lots of automation features in 10g, but the most exciting, field-oriented, result-producing, real, battle-hardened solution came from HOTSOS. An outfit by Cary Millsap, a former Oracle employee and one of world’s leading expert in Oracle performance issues. His method R has been the most celebrated performance approach across the globe. His profiling approach is unique not only in its implementation but also in its result. His book Optimizing Oracle Performance has also touted as the best Oracle performance book available.

One of great services of HOTSOS is the HOTSOS symposium, the conference dedicated to issues of Oracle system performance. According to the, “Hotsos Symposium is the only conference in the Americas devoted to Oracle system performance. The combination of topic focus, small audience size, and large speaker list make the Hotsos Symposium an unsurpassed networking opportunity. Our first commitment is quality.
Hotsos Symposium features only presenters who take great care to show you how to distinguish for yourself between reliable information and bad advice.”

This year the HOTSOS symposium is being held at Dallas from 4-8 March. This symposium will be the fifth annual one, and will reveal the most outstanding experts in the field including Dan Tow, Jonathan Lewis, Cary Millsap, Neil Gunther, Steven Feuerstein, Graham Wood, Toon Koppelaars, Stephan Haisley,Riyaj Shamsudeen, and many others. The keynote speaker will be Dr. DBA himself, the one and only Kenneth R. Jacobs.

All the presenters are star, but my favourite ones are Dan Tow with “Getting SQL Performance Right the First Try”, Jonathan Lewis with “Optimization through Understanding Interpreting Statspack Reports” and Cary Millsap with “Why You Can’t See Your Real Performance Problems”.

Will conferences and symposium like these will ever happen in Pakistan?

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