Horrific Bomb Blasting

Days before the anniversary of the operation on Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa, the security agencies were raising concerns about the security of the capital, and all the worst nightmares came true, when a heartless suicide bomber struck at the center of the city, and shook the people from the core.

This gory thing seems to be rising once again, and with the suicide bombings in Islamabad and the serial blasts in the Karachi are giving very frightening feelers to the nations. Militants in FATA had warned of attacks. Would-be bombers and their accomplices have been arrested in Sargodha, Haripur and elsewhere.

As the operation in Khyber Agency is going nowhere, and there is sheer confusion as far as the situation in Swat is concerned, the government seems clueless and in oblivion on these matters and the top cop Rehman Malik seems to be in a chaos of mind as what to do and where to do, while Zardari is in Dubai, enjoying the NRO.

There is no strategy or objectives about combating the interior terrorism, and while we are at war, there is no policy on the part of the government.

2 thoughts on “Horrific Bomb Blasting”

  1. Mr. Shakir Lakhani, i think if the munafiqeen like you can approve the gathering of filthy munafiqeen women and men in brothels and dance clubs of Islamabad then the your munafiq brethren in the administration had to tolerate the gathering for Lal Masjid Conference. I think if the bomber was not amongst the attendees then certainly he might be from those who faced the massacre and now the filthy police contingent had to pay the price of its filthy apposte masters, the Pervez and Bush.

  2. Will someone tell us who was the moron who allowed the huge gathering of bearded weirdos to gather in Islamabad for the so-called Shuhada-e-Lal Masjid conference? I won’t be surprised if it turns out that the suicide bomber was from those who attended.


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