Horrendous Load-shedding

First time in my life, I am suffering through the power load-shedding in winter, and I am really frightened as what would happen in the coming summer? WAPDA will surely kill us.

Due to the ill-planning, corruption, mismanagement of the government, people of this unfortunate country are suffering through many gigantic problems and load shedding of power and gas is one of them. Hours long un-announced load-shedding from WAPDA has just sucked the blood out of the people, and people are on their knees now.

Already the country is in shambles and gloom and doom is prevailing everywhere, and WAPDA is adding insult to injuries with its continuous and long periods of power shedding.

Load shedding is being done every after two hours for 1 hour, and there is no guarantee of voltage. It fluctuates like hell. Students, patients, businessmen, teachers, and every person of society is weeping, but not a single word is being said from the high echelons, who are perhaps even not aware of this, as their palaces and houses and resorts are sparkling and glittering.

In the winter, there is a very little usage of electricity and if the state of affairs regarding the power is so bad in winter, one wonders with violent shudders as what would happen in the summer?

Our rulers are only worrying about prolonging and strengthening their rules, and they are don’t give a damn to providing the basic necessities of life to the citizens. They will do every possible thing to solidify their powers, but won’t do a thing for the betterment of the society.

The future is looking pitch black for the country.

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