Hopeless Talks in London

All of a sudden, there is a very ominous quietness which is engulfing the London, where the leadership of both Pakistan People’s Party and Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz is meeting for the last time over the restoration of judges.

The body language of both PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari and PML-N chief Mian Nawaz Sharif is very tough, gloomy and ultra serious and Nawaz Sharif has even shown his disappointment. Zardari has also uttered that he is looking forward towards the new tomorrow.

The new tomorrow is not hidden anymore. The nexus between PPP and Pervez Musharraf under the supervision of USA is not even an open secret now, and the way Rehman Malik and Hussain Haqqani are acting in London, and the meeting of Richard Boucher with the both leaders to ensure that the judges don’t get restored is a clear proof as whats in the store for us.

The sad news is that the mandate of 18th Feb has been hijacked by a limpy Zardari.

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  1. Why no major change in Pakistan,despite “democratic” polls??
    Majority of innocent public including intellectuals layers, journalists even sincere leaders ,fair activists of all political parties do expect 100% restoration of democracy after recent election. Regarding¼/SPAN>such fair desires it is necessary to decide which is worse: Musharraf’s desperate attempts to prolong his illegal rule, or politicians selling themselves by striking deals with him for their self interests.????????????????????????
    Here debate is not about the facts behind the raft of corruption charges, which were withdrawn in return for supporting Musharraf’s continuation in power. But we should keep in mind the restrictions & bindings of Zardare as per agreement for issuing N.R.O. with the guarantee of USA Mush administration.
    It is unfortunate that from last many decades due to some high class looters of all institutions & departments, dreams of Quad Azam about strong Pakistan are not yet fulfilled. Resulting Pakistan is mainly dependable on foreign aid & support.So rulers failed to be with solution for problems including Kashmuir. So all rulers desperately seek & need support from U.S.A.
    Musharaf have no soft corner for PPP leadership as has already expressed his negative views about PPP leadership in his book. So there is no doubt about this realty that under the guarantee of third party via agreement Musharaf have defenitly facilitate PPP only after assuring of support from PPP. So restoration of Judiciary of Nov 07 & impeachment to Mushraf can only be dream till elections of USA .
    If there is no major change in USA policies about Musharaf, even after polls, PPP is bound to accept Musharaf & play the role of kings party.Though there are limitless sacrefices of PPP leadership & activists for democracy & free judicery.
    Under such completions only political national interest with will power & moral spirit of Zardare or Mushraf can prove with solution for Pakistan .
    If Zardare failed to regard desires of majority regarding restoration of judiciary & other public issues then PPP has past & Nawaz/ APDM or hidden forces future.
    Brotherly yours
    Deserve prays
    Kashmir Study Circle


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