Hopeless Hope

The persistence of system is necessary in the case that something comes out of the system. If there is no input, and there is no processing and only bad odour is coming out of the system, then its better to roll it back. That and its better to end the travails of the common people by eliminating the tormentors.

The change in the system, which was so haughtily announced after the elections of 18th February has now become a bad joke, and now people weep when they hear it, instead of smiling or laughing. Nothing is changed. The same bad old system is there and the new government has become a piece and parcel of it.

Time is changing, and with that time, faces have changed in Pakistan. But the approach is the same. Same operation is going on in Swat, tribal areas and the Balochistan, and the same hike in the price is there, and the same law and order situation is marring the life everywhere.

When dictator was here, we have someone to hope for. The biggest agony is that there is no hope now.

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