Hoax: The Holy Quran will be burnt on next Saturday

Last week I received a chain email from a friend who is in habit of forwarding number of such emails everyday. I usually don’t go through such emails but its title made me read it. Few hours later I saw a note on Facebook replicating content of that email and expressing “great concern” on this horrible act, going to happen Next Saturday.

Here is the email:


The Holy Quran will be burnt on next Saturday !!!!!!!

Carrefour refused to boycott Israeli/American/Denmark Products. KFC ( Kentucky Fried Chicken), McDonalds, Hardees, Burger King, Pizza Hutt & Starbucks have decided to buy Denmark Products to save their losses.

Boycott Denmark Products and Circulate this news to whoever you can!!!!!

Denmark wants to Burn the Holy Quran on next Saturday in the large grounds in Copenhagen (capital city of Denmark ), in reply to the Islamic Boycott on their products.

Please let’s get together to boycott their products, and pray to Allah Almighty to show them the result of their intentions, which will be a lesson for the whole world.

Forward this to as many friends as you can.

السبت القادم سوف يحرق القران….. ادارة كارفورترفض المقاطعة وكنتاكي _ ماكدونالز _ هارديز _ برجركنج _ وبيتزا هت- وستار بوكس قرروا شراء المنتجات الدنمركية لتعويض خسائر الدنمارك قاطعوهم وانشر الخبر لان الدنمارك تريد حرق المصحف الشريف يوم السبت القادم في الساحة الكبرى في كوبنهاجن العاصمة كوبنهاجن ردآ على المقاطعة الإسلامية أرجوكم وحدوا الدعاء بأن يرسل الله عليهم آيه من آياته ليكونوا عبرة للعالمين (لاتدعها تقف عندك بل أرسلها

لا تمسحها ولا تغلق الصفحة امانة فى ذمتك ستسئل عنها يوم القيامة

لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله

لاإله ألا انت سبحانك إنى كنت من الظالمين لم يدع بها مسلم فى شئ الا وقد استجاب الله له. ……..الدعاء للراسل حتى ترد عليك الملائكة

Denmark is Loosing

Please don’t let this mail stop in your pc.

Assalaamu Alaikum,

Great News

Hope you all know about the Denmark newspaper who made fun of our holy Prophet PBUH and till now they do not regret… let us make them regret for good…The Danish Ambassador, Prime Minister and Denmark National Channel; all are trying to do something just to stop the boycott by Muslims since last month through which their losses have reached 4 billion Euro. If we continue to boycott Denmark products 7 months more it could reach around 80 billion Euro’s loss. Believers do not let this message stop in your PC. Please forward this text to as many Muslims as possible …… Can’t u spare 15 minutes in order to spread this message among Muslims …..


7-up drink, LEGO, Cadbury chocolates, Hall Chewing gums or any product with barcode no. starting with 57

Please convince all Muslims to circulate this to Muslim ummah to ban Danish made products.


Now, you can see that it is quite emotional email, stating all the ‘right’ reasons for Muslims to forward this to their social network, everybody thinking they are doing a noble deed for Islam and the Prophet (saw). However, only exceptional few know that this email is just a spam / hoax / urban legend, with not a fraction of truth in it. And, we all are just been taken for a ride.

Here is my response:


It is our moral responsibility to check source of any news before spreading it to our social network, otherwise we will be supporting the spammers and hoaxers in their attempts to spread panic and chaos.

In past few days, I have seen above news being emailed and posted across the web. So far, nobody has tried to verify the source or even get a decent reference url. We are all just forwarding it to our friends and family, thinking we are doing a good deed. However, we are not.

The news says ‘Holy Quran will be burnt on next Saturday’, has anyone checked which Saturday will it be? February 28? March 7? or later? No one knows for sure.

I did some Google about this and, to rain on this parade, found that this hoax is going around for long time. Check following links, all claiming the incident to happen ‘next Saturday’ and Alhamdulillah, nothing of the sort has happened so far.

– http://tinyurl.com/d7ahev
– http://www.turntoislam.com/forum/showthread.php?p=297544
– http://tinyurl.com/daxdh7


I request you all to be mindful of what you disseminate to your social network, through emails, SMS, Facebook, Twitter etc. Let’s first authenticate the source and then spread the news.

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  1. Its time to wake up and smell the fresh air. We as Muslims need to turn towards Muslim Social Networks that uphold the values of Islam and provide a community that has rich content and Muslims worldwide.
    is a new social network that is meant to provide Muslims with an option. Check it out.




  2. salam Alaikum ,

    As we know that , kufars are always trying to misguide us from different ways but from where the news spreaded anyone knows, but boycot of denmark and JEWS products we should continue because they made fun of our prophet.
    and they did not regret yet.

    They have builded a WINE BAR which looks same as KABA in USA, Named as KAABA and that was 24/7.

    They are keep trying to play with muslims emotions.
    Please stop drinking of COCA COLA,
    because if you see this this in mirror it is in arabic language and it means La Mohammed La Makkah , if you dont believe this you should see this in mirror it is very clear.
    this coca cola product belongs to JEWS.
    and we cant ignore this.
    so we need to stop this drinking of coca cola.
    pls pass this message to all muslims

  3. ASA, I agree with brother Kashif. many times we receive emails, in which no source is mentioned, and those are religiously emotional. I think we should stop this practice. I would like to quote one Hadith….Sayadna mohammad SAS said…’KISE KE JHOOTA HONE KE ITNA HE KAFEE HE KE WO SUNEE SUNAE BAAT KO AGE BARAH DE…..
    Dr Ali Hassan
    Madinah Munawarah

  4. I think the Koran burning story is a hoax just to annoy Muslims. Everybody knows Muslims get violent if anything is said against the Koran. I don’t think the Danes are stupid enough to burn a book which means nothing.

  5. Salam, to all muslims around da world i think dat we shud all boycott on wat the people of denmark are tryin to do!!!!!!!

    And as 4 u idiots who live in denmark u beeta watch out 4 wat u pricks r leadin urselvz into!!!
    I also dont see by burnin da Quran is goin to stop us 4rm bein muslims and i also dont see hw this is goin to stop us 4rm still readin da Holy Quran follow the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!

    Oh and mess wiv us and da truth dont worry u wont get away wiv dis cuz we r all goin to return to our Creater Allah the Greatest and u idiots will find out then and regret everythin u guyz hav done!!!!!! TRUST ME ON THAT!!!!!!!!!

  6. It is a fact that such activities have taken place in places around the world without going into the unnecessary details. Burning a religious scripture of any community is criminal, malicious and mischievous while some others who support are purely ignorant and need some education. In Islam the standards are higher than what you would find in any other system. The Quran says in 6:108 “Revile not ye those whom they call upon besides Allah…”.

    Moreover in Islam the standards are very HIGH. Inshallah in a Sharia environment we allow any food required by any community. However if it offends another community then a certain mechanism of correct distribution (like clear marking) would be required (e.g. biscuits and chocolates having non-veg contents should be marked so vegetarians are not offended).

    To solve these problems we Muslims have a responsibility to educate the non-Muslims the message of our religion and inshallah many will accept or at least appreciate. Muslims haven’t been doing this yet alhamdulillah Islam has become the fastest growing religion in the world. How much more if Muslims do. Wake up Muslims!

  7. Many Muslims live in Denmark and other European countries. If I were a muslim, I would adjust myself to their way of life in their country and respect their laws and their culture and not the other way round. I cannot go to a guest country and ask them to adapt to my way of living. That is absolute madness and nobody should give in to such demands. If I come to Pakistan, of course I must adapt your way of life. Asking for a boycott of Danish products is unfair and it will not succeed. There is also a movement in the UK and other civilized countries in the west to boycott any shop selling halal food and I think it is fair for the simple reason halal food is not european.

  8. salaam to all reading the comments on this statement about the Quran, it is so true that we get taken for a ride so many times that we dont even know when we shouldnt be. if we also don’t research any stories going around, the world would be in total chaos!

    shukr again for clarifying the matter!

  9. True or not, doesn’t matter. The idea was to spark flare and hatred amongst the Muslims against the Danes for the unacceptable act. Which by the way, it did, mission accomplished and case closed. Pease


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