British saw their liberty endangered when Hitler attacked England during the Second World War. Horror-struck, they eagerly sought help from every where; appealed Indians for cooperation. The Governor Lakhnow in a radio broadcast said, “O Indians join hands with Great Britain to fight against enemy in order to save future of the humanity!”

Hearing the speech, Josh Malih Abadi composed an epic poem that was immediately seized; hence it is not in any of the poet’s compilations. Germans got hold of the epic poem – a historic eye opener now — and started broadcasting it from Radio Berlin. The poem For the Sons of East India Company, loosely translated reads:

O traders! What face do you have to say,
“Raise the flag of humanity in the world,
Calling Hitler a wolf,
Wishing to kill him for peace and perpetuity,
Hard times are upon us in the world,
Civilization is on the verge of collapse,
(As) Hitler is the root cause all this,
(So) Germany should be destroyed,”
Coming this from you is very astonishing,
(And it is surprising), you perturbed on future of the humanity
When you came to India for trade
(Tell me) didn’t you know about the future of humankind?
(Tell me) didn’t you find Indians having desires for liberty?
(Tel me) didn’t you find human beings living in India?
Do you remember the story of your unparallel crimes?
Do you remember the rule of the (East India) Company?
When you were on a pillaging spree
Indian wealth was exposed,
You were disabling the artists,
And filling the graves with cadavers,
Shadows of death were looming large on India,
The shadows that were created by you,
Oh my God, how do you seek justice now,
Tell me was Saraj ud Daula against truth like Mir Jafar
What did you do to the ladies of Awadh?
Do you remember Rani of Jhansi era?
Recall the way in which the Sultan of Dehli migrated?
Keep in mind the glorious history of Tipu Sultan?
Holding weak and hungry
(Remember) who was brought before King Bhadar Shah Zafar?
You must be recollecting what happened at Matia Burg
A place still ablaze,
(You) must have seen Qaisar Bagh often?
Bagh that still echoes with cries of Akhtar,
Tell the truth, remember those unprecedented crimes?
A grave in Rangoon is witness to those
You must be recalling this stain on Indians,
What happened in Jallianwal Bagh?
Ask why is your name still glowing?
Ask General Dyer (who is) still alive,
And, Bhagat Sing, whose remembrance still distress the hearts,
Can you recall the gag that fitted his neck,
How India leaders used to live,
Ask the walls of the cells,
Cell that still are symbol of your authority,
Where shush of whips is still hissing
Why are you worried today?
I am surprised on your urge for loyalty?
Powerful and legitimacy never go side by side,
They never bother about populace,
But you are advocating good manners today,
You must not be able enough now,
“People with truth are farsighted where as dumb are thoughtless,”
Only poor nations believe that!
Today you are not dominant,
Why don’t you say the survival of the fittest?
What? Calling justice
Can’t you do anymore killings and crimes
You seem hiding in shadows,
God forbids, are you ailing
Habitats and deserts are not rumbling under your horses
Are the horses in hospital?
Every one is having empathy these days
You must not be well
In trouble you are reminded of reality,
And, have started taking for the welfare of community,
Started dancing on the tunes of justice,
Have started crying when your home is set ablaze, It is not fitting of offenders,
Acting like Yazed and today you want to follow (Imam) Hussein (A.S.)
Look, the only way for you is this:
Bow before the choice of the time,
Time, which is going to write its own chronology with new heading
The heading will be written with your blood
The judgment of time cannot change
Death can be averted but not what time has in store for you.

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