Hillary Wants to make Tehran Hiroshima

The rogue, thuggish, silly, and gutter tactics of Hillary Clinton to somehow gain lead upon Barack Obama are getting out of control now. As she is seeing the imminent defeat in the primaries and getting the ultimate nomination from the Democrats, she is now trying to adopt every nefarious trick in the bag of evil.

She is saying that she won’t hesitate to drop nuclear bombs on Iran, if needed. She has reiterated her resolve and has said that she won’t take her words back. So much for the donations pouring in from the Israel and the support of Jewish lobby in the Washington.

This is how Bush won, and look at the mess world is in. If a candidate like Hillary can act like she is from the mess, and throw the silly remarks at whim and without care, and keep changing the goal post, to suit her failed campaign (notice, she is NOT the front runner?), then lie, exaggerate, and pander, to win, I do not think she is worthy of the Democratic nomination.

The lies and the vicious attacks keep reminding many of the tactics used by the Bush administration. Her baggage, although rummaged, still has hidden dirt underneath. She is divisive, polarizing, and her negatives are high. It is time Hillary obliterated her campaign.

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