Highlights of Sharif’s Return

Supreme leader of Pakistan Muslim League (N) and the former Prime Minister Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif returned to his homeland through royal plane of Saudi King Shah Abdullah yesterday at Lahore. Here are the highlights of his return:

– Lahore was decorated with banners, flags and colorful bands on the return.

– Majority of residents of Lahore were ecstatic over the return

– The route of procession was pre-settled and it was from Lahore airport to Data Darbar, and it
was decorated heavily with hoardings and banners with different kinds of slogans.

– Police were heavily deployed on both sides of the route.

– When Nawaz Sharif came out of the airport, activists of PML went crazy and different welcome slogans were heard from quite a distance.

– A huge number of ladies were also present at the airport to welcome their leader.

– Even many airport officials and policemen showed the sign of V to the chanting PML members.

– There were many brawls between airport security forces and the members of PML-N

– When ASF started baton charging on the political activist, political members threw stools and bottles upon them.

– Police also beat Shahbaz Sharif’s political secretary Noshad Hameed, who then wept uncontrollably.

– People reached to airport on foot by covering a distance of five kilometer.

– People were standing and sitting on different points in the way of the procession.

– A special truck was prepared for Nawaz Sharif by the Muslim League youth wing, and the security of the truck was also carried out by the youth wing.

– On this truck, there were slots for 22 leaders, and it was equipped with bathroom, deep freezer and other facilities.

– There was no bomb blast or suicide attack during the procession.

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