Here comes Hussein

Barack Hussein Obama has taken the oath. Many of us noticed his name that includes the word of Hussein too. For his name his campaign became quite controversial in the beginning and it was expected that he won’t make it to the white house. But look, he did.

Once again the name Hussein is ruling the world at a time when everything seems to be falling apart. It is a time when a rescuer was required. See who came to rescue the world. Hussein! Hussein! Hussein!

The power of word Hussein will be seen now. The forces of evil themselves did not identify what they made come next. Even if America comes out of its economic crisis still this time the good would be for all. And if the good wont be shared then dooms day might be close

6 thoughts on “Here comes Hussein”

  1. I m laughing when I m reading this …
    Kazmi have U seen the TV Channels Shows on Elections there in US???
    Obama has Clearly Said -He is a Christian n Believe in Christianity n follows it …
    He went to the Church before He was Sworn in for the Presidency
    ..He took the Blessing of Father in Church ..:)

    So U Dont Need to be So Happy Lolll

    He Keeps Hanuman’s Idol with him always …:-D

    Jai Jai Hanuman !!!!!

  2. thats an insane analogy, doesnt matter if his middle name is hussein, if theres no iman in the heart no belief in islam. You so realise that he is an apostate and a supporter of the zionists. You should rely on Allah to change circumstances not names and certainly not christian Barak Hussien Obama!


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