Help In A Box: Initiative to Support Flood Victims of Pakistan

Help In A Box is an initiative taken by Adeel Hashmi and Shahzad Qureshi. They are aiming to make and deliver 100,000 boxes full of essentials to flood affected people.

They can be found at Imperial Lawn (Sharae Faisal), Karachi, or at their Facebook Page. Please contribute what you can, and volunteer to make them pack some “Help In A Box“.

5 thoughts on “Help In A Box: Initiative to Support Flood Victims of Pakistan”

  1. I found the following comments from the BBC Website of readers, mostly in UK, to be quite revealing about the world’s perceptions of this crisis:

    Donations have been sluggish I think because Pakistan spends billions on its military and yet cries out for help because of a natural disaster. Their government needs to sort its priorities out. Yvette, Kent, UK

    This is a civilised country with nuclear power and missiles. A monsoon season comes every year. It’s no volcano, no earthquake, and not a one-off natural disaster. Chris Jeffery, Odessa, Ukraine

    If they can afford to be a nuclear country and boast about it, then they should be able to look after their own people. Ohanes, UK

    I think the fact that Pakistan has spent great sums on nuclear weapons aimed at India instead of preparing for catastrophic monsoons is one part of the explanation why donations are so low. The rest of the world has run out of sympathy for Pakistan. Fredrik Andersson, Gothenburg, Sweden

    These “experts” are so far from the mark it’s hard to believe. Countries like India and Pakistan are not poor – any country that can fund a nuclear program and have the massive armed forces they have, should be able to look after themselves. Plus there’s the ex-pat factor – there’s a large community in the UK who think of themselves as Pakistanis first and they will be giving through other ways and means. Tony, Leeds, UK

    It is very interesting to see how much fellow Muslim countries are giving in aid, if anything at all. The mega rich Arab oil states have given very little, apart from Saudi Arabia who has donated $40 million or so – which is not a lot considering how wealthy they are. A J Wawn, Bedford, UK

    Any country that sends its top politician on a jolly around Europe and insists on wasting money on nuclear weapons in my opinion has money enough to look after its own. James, Cheshire, UK

  2. I found the following comment from a New York Times reader to be very revealing about international perceptions of this humanitarian crisis:

    August 17th, 2010
    9:29 pmTheir president have a chateau in France, once he sold that to help with relief efforts then we’ll talk about aid for Pakistan but not until then.
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  3. Where are the 150 million US$ which our govt already got from intl donors and countries? I’m pretty sure, its transferred to Mr. Zardari and Mr. Gillani offshore foreign accounts.

  4. U.S. has given 77 million dollars until now. U.K has given one quarter of the aid uptil now. The so very criticized West is upfront feeling the pain of flood victims. We must press for transparency in utilization of this aid.


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