Height of Immaturity – Start of Insanity!

Pakistan in Crisis10th March, 2011 it seems has ended with nearly every thing within the domain of Pakistan, uncertain. The day was ordinary, till the evening of course.  Supreme Court ruling sent NAB Chairman packing, spreading the undesired fuel onto the already ignited Govt vs SC rivalry.

Justice Deedar left without any one noticing, but what followed else where made not only me, but millions around Pakistan laughing as well as crying at the immaturity mixed with insanity of the ruling party, and specifically some of its members.

Though never felt worth noticing, PPP provincial leader I believe Taj Haider set the stage ablaze with his version of the ruling (I wonder why the names of Mr Pirzada, Babar Awan and now Mr Taj added into the best Legal Faculty). Out of nowhere he turned the debate to Sindhi and Punjabi, a while later Sindhi vs Punjabi and a series of stinger missiles came from his mouth, directed at CJ Iftikhar precisely. Then came the call of provincial strike, calling no sorry rather alarming the transporters and traders to join this cause or… well the other part is normal for us.

With no clear justification coming from the center, it seems that panic plus SC phobia has gripped Islamabad’s corridor of power and its surrounding areas. Media persons from every channel were seen shouting, whether it’s a party policy or a staged drama of person specific, but there was no answer insight.

PPP has really groomed itself when it comes to checking public curiosity and legal lash back. Not long ago, another veteran Ms Fauzia came on air with her press conference, and since then I have yet to learn where she is, because as a student of International Law and Politics, I would love to gain her wisdom and translation of diplomatic norms.

Coming back to the point, whatever was left was shattered by Sindh Interior Minister Zulfiqar Mirza, while being transmitted live in front of the nation (ARY, Kashif Abbasi show). The hatred he blasted in a short spell of time not only left the anchor surprised, but PPP’s own Minister Mr Bukhari was left in a state of shock. His claims, bias as well as a directly opposite to state security, left me with no opinion than a simple one that certain lines have been crossed, and undoubtedly these lines are the red lines we heard so much in Raymond case, regarding diplomatic norms. Just for an insight, he blasted the anchor for being a member of N league after he made the mistake of telecasting a speech of none other than Mr Mirza himself, where” Pakistan Khappe and Pakistan Na Khappe” were elaborated by him, quite commandingly. As this was not enough, he provided a charge sheet filled with hatred against Punjab, from the assassination of Ms Bhutto to the hanging of her father, clearly drawing the lines of ethnic involvement in all this. I was surprised that he forgot to mention that UN report on BB assassination, has revealed that Baitullah was given special mangoes from Raiwind as a bribe for this task… well now you know why target killing and mugging has rose to its peak in Karachi. I wonder when he will come out with a fact sheet of those dying under his domain every day????

As the program proceeded, Mr Mirza was shown the exit by a senior politician also part of the program, and both resorted to direct threats while still on air. Amazing!

While I write this, more than 100 Karachiites have disappeared as a result of target killing, while President and PM were present in the city. This “Mafia War” for Karachi, backed by political actors have ruined everything. In case some one feels I will present a miraculous formula for ending this death game… sorry to disappoint you folks. The reality is that every event in the past has been covered by  one party or the other, and as long as one starts from day One, this fire will keep on burning. Ethnic divide is something, which our not so friendly neighbors will dream of, in their pursuit of hurting us till the end. These initiatives by our own political lot will satisfy them at least!!!

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  1. I was there when it all started at Boat Basin last Week. There were many families around who were there for dinner at the famous Boat Basin restaurants, and all of them would testify to you that it were the PPP workers who began the aerial firing and torched a Bus right at Boat Basin.

    I saw a complete panic and we all rushed away. On our way back, we saw another torched vehicle right at Bilaval Chowrangi. A thousands of curses at PPP and the Bhuttos/Zardaris, and another hazaar laanats on Sindhi nationalism


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