Hazy Political Horizon

It seems that the political leaders are themselves are o.k with the lackluster election campaign, because they don’t have to make much public appearances, and that increases the probability of their safety.

After the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, Ministry of Defense immediately warned Nawaz Sharif and some other top leaders to take care of themselves as threats was also active for them, and now in a recent statement, a government spokesman has warned “all” the politicians to beware of the suicide bombers.

Right now the national political horizon is very passive and devoid of any energy. Due to the rains, cold weather, Moharram, spate of suicide attacks, load-shedding, flour crisis, and disinterest of the common people, there is no atmosphere of elections whatsoever.

It seems that all the parties including political parties and the regime are trying to reach some common grounds and extract some midway. Talks are underway between PML-N and aides of Pervez Musharraf, People’s Party is also trying to resurrect the forgotten deal by their late leader, PML-Q is disillusioning fast. The opportunists who gathered under its umbrella seem very desperate and they are now trying to bank own their fraternity instead of party to win the elections.

MQM is strong as ever in the Urban Sindh and PPP is solid in rural Sindh and South Punjab, whereas Central and Western Punjab is in the lap of PML-N. Some pockets of NWFP will be shared by PPP, PPP(Sherpao) and PML-N and JUI. Whereas Balochistan is all set for coalition government once again.

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