Have We Really Gone Mad?

After reading many of the western blogs and sites, or the articles in the online newspapers of the West, one gets a feeling that Muslims have just turned into a monster and all of them have gone out of their minds and they all want to just burn this planet.

News of suicide attacks in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, or in the western countries just choked the pages of these sites. One finds plethora of blog posts or articles with the title of, say, “yet another suicide car attack in Baghdad”, “terrorist foiled before they could act”, “terrorist attacks gone awry”, “terrorist convicted”, “terrorists arrested”, “terrorists escaped”, “terrorists this”, “new warnings of terrorism”, “terrorists that” and so on.

After reading such blogs and sites, you feel that Muslims around the world are lashing out against the civilized world, unprovoked and without any sensible cause. The image which goes out from such sites is that the Muslim world is hell bent on destroying the modern world and its basically against any kind of modern civilization.

Many of the “experts”, “knowledgeable”, and “well-informed” bloggers and publishers in the west, just want their people to believe that Muslims have lost their mind and Muslims are inherently, innately perverse; and that this trend has no precedent in the known history. Some of them do mention that people have endured colonisation, slavery, expulsions, extermination at the hands of Western powers, but this new thing is very frightening and blah blah blah.

Is this all true? Is this trend not dangerous to ignite inter-faith disharmony? Is this insanity slowly raising its head towards the Islamic world really has any grounds? Is this insanity unprovoked? Is this insanity is that naive?

We cannot of course expect any history from the corporate US media on this Islamic “insanity” side. In order to take the moral high ground, to claim innocence, the rich and powerful, the oppressor classes, the aggressors, the instigators; prefer not to talk about history, or invent the history that serves their vested interests.

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