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I believe every city, village or town has its share of haunted houses. Wah also has got some of them. I have been watching and hearing stories about these houses since childhood. At small age, I accepted whole heartedly the terror and superiority of ghosts and phantoms of haunted houses. They were also used as the most effective weapon by my mother to leash me.

Two haunted houses are most vivid in my memory. I would summarize them and their stories to you. I had also tagged the houses with my own names. One is ‘Bhootik’ and the other is ‘Bhaoo’. Dont ask me the raison ‘d etre of names, as they are the creation of a small terrorized mind.

Bhootik exists even now and is being used extensively and effectively by mothers all around to scare hell out of their childern. Bhootik is a single story house of perhaps 4 rooms with a front small lawn. The lawn is littered with brown gloomy shrubs, tall yellow ominous grass and other incriminating outgrowths. There is also a bald tree of God knows what specie. The condition of house is rickety and paint has almost vanished. All the windows are broken, but they are heavily grilled. Some people have put on black and red clothes on them to keep the ghosts inside. Some people swear that they have heard the wailing of a women in night especially when moon is not out. To tell you the truth, I have also heard the dragging of something( may be a corpse), when I passed it some days ago, but incidentally there is marketplace near the house, so when can’t be sure, you know.

They story associated with Bhootik is that there used to live a very pretty and noble women here who fell in love with a guy. Parents of girl didn’t approve of the guy and guy wasn’t sincere also. One night guy came with his friends and murdered all of the family, raped the girl, killed her cruelly, took all the valuables away. The only thing remained there was the restless wandering ghost.

The other house is ‘Bhaoo’. This house is not as frightening as Bhootik but has got enough despondency. Its a big house, with 8 rooms and a surrounding gardens. Many people tried to live here, but ran away. Even a bank tried to use it for its office, but ghosts also threw them out. Due to these habitation tries, the condition of house is not bad, though its deteriorating rapidly. Despite of a new paint and well-kept garden, the sense of apparition drips from the house. One can sense in his bone marrow that inside somewhere the phantoms are lurking, the ghosts are waiting, the specters are wailing. Some people bet that they have seen stains of blood and rolls of hair thrown out of windows of house in dark nights.

I admit that I really don’t have the guts to prove the hauntedness of these houses, neither have any desire too to do so. Have you known any haunted house? If yes, please share.

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  1. yes…in India we have a well re-knowned place called BHANGARH in ALWAR ..in Rajasthan state….story is as follows ::
    once ther lived a tantrik n he fell in love with the queen…the king got disappointed with him n sent his men to beat him n throw down from the top of the hill…after he was cruelly beaten up he cursed the king and the whole place that it will remain barren and haunted till eternity and jumped down…a huge blast happened when he jumped from the hill….after this all happened the whole dynasty of king was destroyed ,..and today’s scenario is that people are not allowed to go inside the kings palace after 5pm….people under 18 years of age are not allowed …people are advised not to look here and there at some places….they take NOC for death in the palace in advance… 🙂

  2. Aoa
    i am also from wah cantt ……and can you tell us the address of the two houses that you mentioned …..
    one i’m guessin is the corner house on the “Uppal Square”…… and the other one i dont know…..but loved your story……as i have also heard about these houses

  3. Hey can any one give me the number of these houses and street numbers/names as i am a resident of wah. i guess one housw is on the main road/mall road corner one in Basti on the side of a small road to gol market, is it? pls give details of other houses too. many thanks

  4. I ve read all those stories told by you guys, I do believe that these stories are true because I am used to these things and I used to communciate with Jinns. There are no spirits or ghosts. Human spirit after death will see the result of his deeds (good/bad) done in the world and the spirits has no communication with our world. But Jinns are here, they are made of fire, they quantity is more 9 times then us, their height is not more then 4 fts, they are ugly, they can change themself into thing (like human, air) they can see us, but we cannot see them…
    And if anyone wants to know more…. can contact

    Riaz Qadir

  5. I want to tell you about a haunted house in Wah. It was one of those “C” type bungalows with nice gate and driveway in the front, and a huge yard on the side and the back.

    For those of you who are not from Wah Cantt, let me paint a broader picture. The town of Wah Cantt along with a great deal of residential area was built shortly after independence of Pakistan with British expertise. The town is very nicely laid out with lots of open spaces.

    At any rate the C type bungalows are single storey, duplex variety (means there is another unit attached) The house I am speaking about was different than many others in many ways. First of all there was a concrete badminton court on the right side of the house, (with this tip alone you should be able to find the house) with a grape fruit tree on each corner of the court. Most bungalows in Wah have lots of greenary around them. But this one had so many trees (mostly fruit trees) in the yard that day light just barely made it into the house. Most of the houses of that era have full glass windows and doors. The residents of this house had taken many unusal steps, for example all of the glass doors and windows were painted Black to totally block out sun and view. It is hard to understand why anyone would do that.

    The first bed room was occupied by mom and dad, the second bed room was used by the 3 younger childern. The box room (storage room) was small and perfect for the grand mother. The residents added a small room in the front veranda for the two older kids. What teenager would not like a room with a direct access to kitchen and pantry. Any overnight guests were assigned to a corner of the dining room. Dining room also doubled as TV lounge.

    Most of the strange things happened in the Dining room. It all began with the arrival of a relative who had just started a new job at the local Boys college. This relative was not only a professor of english but a teller of great tales. Most of his tales were scary. And he didn’t seem to run out f them. Every one of his tales was scarier than the last. Funny thing about scary tales is that while you are scared you don’t want the guy to stop either. I don’t know why that is but you know that it is true.

    It was a dark and stormy night, don’t look at me like that, it really was, you don’t think I am making it up, do ya. Every word I told you so far is true. I could even give you the address of the house but it may cause some inconvenience for the current residents so I won’t. The other thing is that no matter how scary something is on TV or film it can never be scarier than a story well told or only half exposed. It is the suspense of not knowing which makes the story scary. Besides your mind can dream up scarier things than anyone can depict in any movie.

    Anyhow the residents of the home often complained of feeling that someone was follwing them when they walked through the house alone or at night. In facts some of he kids in the family were so afraid that when they had to go in to an unoccupied room they would keep making meaningless noises to warn away evil spirits. Some complained of seeing spectres moving about the house and even going through the walls. Nothing really bad ever happened except once when one of the kids saw a severed human head on a platter with fresh blood dripping from it, through the window. By the time his mom came around to see it, it wasn’t there.

    The mother complained that often the sweets or the cookies she made would disappear. But I don’t think we could blame this one on the ghosts, I think it was the kids. You can trust me this one, cause I was there. Yes we lived in that house for a long time. And those stories our relative told that was just his way of keeping us out of the Dining room and the TV lounge.

    Have fun, stay safe and help fellow man.

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