Hassan Sadpara: Second Pakistani to conquer Mount Everest

Hasan SadparaSeldom have we come across an event like this, but when it comes it calls for a nationwide feast. Mr Hassan Sadpara, hailing from Skardu, has become the second Pakistani to conquer the “King of all mounts”, the Everest.

Hassan also bagged the excellence of conquering the summit without oxygen supply, a feat reflecting his unmatched talent as well as the training he did before this expedition. 48, Hassan has hoisted Pakistani flag proudly on top of 5 tallest mountains, and has given this grief stricken nation a hope that “there is light at the end of the tunnel”.

Hassan has been awarded prestigious national awards in the past, but this feat has landed him in the domain of “league of extra ordinary” Pakistanis. While going through the details available, it is worth mentioning that this expedition was financed by President office, by awarding him 6.5 million….. hmmmmm!!!!

Everything has a hidden meaning, at least I believe it. Mr Hassan did this expedition without oxygen, and his nation cannot live without foreign aid which is causing all the disgrace. His resolute will alone has taken him to the level hardly imagined by mankind, what about the potential of 200 million masses known to the world as Pakistanis? Think?????

But no hard talk today. Mr Hassan you have made us so proud that its hard to express them in words. May Allah bless you and give courage to each one of us to do something, like this for the land we hold so dear to us.

Pakistan Paindabad!

Image: Express Tribune

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  1. the refrence i gave has my lines written clarifying that this piece has quoted 5 million ….

    I asked you to give me a link which specifically says 6.5 million, because that is what you mentioned in the post. The first link you gave did not have anything regarding the award, and the second says 5 million. WHat happened the first time around? And concerning the second, did you not read my question?

  2. @yusha

    if i require a pair of glasses, it means my ailment is curable but “pro sense” is one capsule they havnt invented yet………
    the refrence i gave has my lines written clarifying that this piece has quoted 5 million, while 6.5 is available on d link provided by sundus………….Alas…some people never grow beyond the “boxed paradigm”

  3. @Hamid: All I requested was a link, but for some reason you seem bent on taunting, so here we go.

    1. What is the point of providing me with a link after it has already been done by someone else?

    2. The first link you provided did not have anything about 6.5 million. Who needs to open his eyes?

    3. It takes you 3 days and 3 requests to provide a link! Good job!

  4. @ Yusha

    A suggestion………i heard CIA-RAW has formed a joint team to investigate whether Sadpara is part of Pak mission to install survellience equipment on top of everest, as well as an alternate route to transport their so called “high value target”………….with your deep insight into this matter I am sure your services will be highly appreciated there 🙂

  5. @ Yusha
    Pakistani conquers Everest without oxygen kit
    ISLAMABAD, MAY 15 (APP): Without having oxygen kit, which is otherwise an essential equipment for any mountaineer to go on a high altitude venture, yet a Pakistani climber, Hassan Sadpara, has scaled the world’s highest mountain peak, Mount Everest on Thursday.
    Hassan Sadpara, who hails from Baltistan, made to the world’s highest lace and grabbed the title to be the second Pakistani summitting the peak after famous mountaineer Nazir Sabir to climb this peak in Nepal in 2000.He is the only Pakistani climber to have summitted all five mountain peak in Pakistan over 8000 metres: K-2 (8,611m) Nanga Parbat (8,125m) Gasherbrum-I (8,068m) Broad Peak (8,048m) and Gasherbrum-II (8,035m).“I had only one thing in mind and that was to hoist Pakistan’s flag atop Mount Everest,” Hassan said.

    Sadpara is now the first Pakistani to have climbed six peaks rising above 8,000 metres.Colonel Manzoor, President of Alpine Club that was sponsoring the expedition entitled ‘Pakistan Everest Expedition 2011’ said Hassan Sadpara waved both the national and the Club’s flags on Mount Everest at 0730hrs on May 12.
    The expedition left Islamabad on March 30 to climb Everest from its south side. Sadpara, who was leading the expedition establish Camp-I at an altitude of 5,900m by mid-April and reached Camp-III at the height of 7,200m on May 3.
    A three-member assistance team – comprising Muhammad Ali Changezi,Muhammad Sadiq and Ghulam Muhammad Faisal – was stationed at the base camp. The team would return to Pakistan in the current month.
    President Asif Ali Zardari announced Rs. 5 (five) million for this expedition in 2009 after Alpine Club and Hasan requested the approached the President desired to climb the peak.
    Pakistan and Nepal are home to all fourteen mountain peaks in the world that are above 8000 metres – Five in Pakistan and nine in Nepal.
    After its maiden ascent by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953,Mount Everest has been conquered by 3000 climbers all over the world so far.

    Now just for a correction, its APP that says 5 million, but Pamir times has quoted 6.5 million but due to the credibility of APP i want you yusha to buy the version of 5 million!!!!consider 1.5 million remaining as a “Kick back”


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