Hasrat Mohani

Maulana Syed Fazl ul Hasan Hasrat Mohani researched about societal customs, eating joints, and climatic conditions of England before he embarked upon a journey overseas. People who were in know of the matters educated Hasrat Mohani that he should carry winter clothing because of severe cold there; among other information. Hasrat Mohani, therefore, bought a second hand overcoat.

Friends who were there to see him off gave a big laughter when they saw him wearing what Hasrat Mohani had bought as an overcoat. When asked the reason of laughter, Hasrat Mohani was enlightened that what he is wearing is not an overcoat but a frock of some British lady.

“No problem,” Maulana reassured them, “The British women will be pleased on the popularity of their dress among men and will take it as a cultural fusion.”

Hasrat Mohani kept using the gown for the overcoat knowing fully well that as per the traditions tailor and drapers make the personality.

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