Harassed Indian husbands and their nagging Wives

A group of Indian husbands tired of being harassed by their wives are demanding the creation of a male protection society for protection. No, this is not fiction. Usually, it’s the Indian husbands who harass their wives, frequently due to insufficient dowry. Some poor wives even end up being burnt to death (with her in-laws claiming that she died when her clothes caught fire while she was cooking). So what are the virile Indian macho guys complaining about? Harassment by their wives! We don’t know how, but it could be sexual harassment in reverse.

In Western countries, it’s the male who’s accused of sexual harassment (mostly for making sexist remarks). Is it possible that Indian wives taunt their husbands for not being good enough in bed? You know, something like, “My friend and her husband have sex every night!”. Or maybe the taunts are about money. “Why don’t you buy me a diamond necklace every year like your brother does for his wife!”. I do feel sorry for the poor guys. Let’s pray that the nagging stops soon and Indians begin to live like normal men.

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  1. I have read similar article in GULF NEWS sometime back.Its about a prticular community in India.To be specific some christian men in some districts in the South Indian State of Kerala. They were being harrassed for matters realting to making more money.


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