Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to all of you. In all the countries, Independence Day is celebrated with fire works and fire crackers. But Pakistan is so enthusiastic in celebrating its Independence Day that it started off with a big bang. Yes, I am talking about the bomb blast in one of the busiest areas of Lahore, the renowned moon market, Allama Iqbal Town.

Instead of flying balloons in the sky, we made body pieces of humans to soar in the air. Their blood scattered every where on the road. Is this what we call independence and if this is so, then we don’t need it. What is the meaning of living in a country where one does not even have enough freedom to go out and celebrate this so called red letter day?
What is independence for a mother who has lost her child in this bomb attack, for a wife whose life partner has been martyred this way, for a child who will never be able to get the affection of his father again?

There was once a time when everybody was eager to go out to celebrate this national day. Who will now go out when they will know that putting a step out of your houses mean THE END OF YOUR LIFE? Probably no one

This act is really shameful and should be condemned. People of Pakistan should get full right to live independently. If the government really thinks that Pakistan is a sovereign country then let us live with freedom otherwise better declare this that we are not independent because this is not what liberty and independence actually is.

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