Happy Customer

Consumer and customer happiness are not that much of concern in Pakistan, but in the countries, where they take the business really seriously, it is one of the most fundamental and paramount thing. They have realized that the success in today’s globalized and cut-throat market wholly depends upon the happiness of customer, who has got a broad range of choices and options, not only in the physical world but also in the cyberspace, courtesy to electronic business.

When You meet a person as a customer you should try to understand all the needs they have, you certainly can have big and grand ideas on your head that for you are wonderful and fantastic, but in the real time it won’t going to make happy the needs of the clients. So you should strive and convince yourself to believe in meeting the customer very well after that start to show the best ideas that you have for the customer, and have a deal when the customer is happy about the idea and yes you are happy, because its a proven fact that the customer takes the right choice. Sometimes the customer has an idea that could be not good for their business. so it is your job to show him the best way to make the best thing for their business and at the same time make them happy.

All customers are different, they are always going to disagree with you in some level. Others are going to agree with you. For you every customer should be unique and every need of them is unique, so you really can’t in any possible way know for just one customer; all are important, all got needs, all needs solution and you here for create those solutions to make them happy. Guide your customers; don’t smother them.

A happy customer not only benefits your business in the short and long run, but he also becomes your best marketing tool. There is nothing beneficial than the word of mouth of a loyal and satisfied customer. The evangelisation of a happy customer serves your business very well both in the terms of money but also in the terms of goodwill. The more happy customers you have, the more you progress.

Does Pakistani companies give any damn to the happiness of customer? Can you name a single Pakistani company who is really passionate about making its customers happy? I cannot recall any and I am really eager to know if you have any company in mind.

“Happiness is not in the mere possession of money;
it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of
creative effort.”

~~Franklin D. Roosevelt~~

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