Hanging Sword on Musharraf

Due to the last ten days of Ramadan, excitement of Eid, the lull in the national politics is deceiving. Lots of stale curry is boiling under the surface, and lots of dirt is about to come out after Eid. A new round of political intrigue and cajoling will start just after the next day of Eid.

Musharraf has clearly taken it to heart that Chuadhry Shujaat is out and Benazir is in. Deal has been sealed, and both Musharraf and Benzair are using an ultra soft tone for each other, while Shujaat & co. is desperately trying to add vinegar to the maple syrup. Benazir told to Gulf News that she hasn’t got any problem now with President Musharraf and the actual problem creator are the PML-Q leaders, who are watching their end on the horizon. She also added that she has been approached by lots of Lotas from PML-Q.

Musharraf is also playing like a big daddy to Benazir. With as much sweetness and patronage he could muster, he is suggesting Benazir that though there is no hindrance in her coming back home, but it would be prudent if she comes home after the decision of Supreme Court about the Musharraf’s status as the President. Because if SC declares Musharraf invalid as a president, then Marshal Law is inevitable, because it’s highly unlikely that Musharraf will leave presidency, and also the chief of army staff seat.

If Benazir comes back home on 18th October with the blessing of Pakistani government and permission of American government in the bullet proof car, with 100 armed security officials, and if SC rules against Musharraf, then everything will be screwed up for the present regime, and it would be a new life for Chaudhris of Gujarat, as they will thrive in the next Marshall Law administration.

Now it’s another quandary for the people of Pakistan. They are very perplexed. They want Supreme Court to disallow the election of a uniform general as a president, but at the same time, they don’t want Marshal Law. Moreover, in case of a yes decision for Musharraf from the Supreme Court, people of Pakistan would have to suffer the curse of Benazir.

There is clearly no choice for us, but to just carry on with our indifference and apathy.

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