Hand over India’s security to ISI!

After all that Indian propaganda about ISI’s meticulous and efficient planning of the recent Mumbai attacks, the Indian government should seriously consider handing over India’s security to the ISI. If the ISI is as efficient as the Indians think, it would do a much better job than their own people. But seriously, since India doesn’t seem to have enough money to improve its intelligence and security, why doesn’t it curtail superfluous expenses like sending probes to the moon or maintaining thirteen consulates in Afghanistan? I’m sure the money saved could be used to make their country much safer.

Come to think of it, why does India need to send someone to the moon or have thirteen consulates in Afghanistan? The moon program alone will cost billions, while running thirteen consulates in Afghanistan means spending a few million more, all of which could feed the half billion poor in India who don’t earn enough to feed themselves. But then, why should the Indian elite care about hungry and naked Indians as long as they can enjoy themselves eating, drinking and copulating?

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  1. paki janbaaz
    bilkul sahee farmaia aap ne ABLEES ko khatam karna aasan kaam nahi lekin jeet GOD ki he ho gi ,ek na ek din ye saab chohte ABLEES jahanam ka endhaan ban jaien ge Ha Ha Ha

  2. dear surabah, …
    you are right at half becoz you must realize both india and pakistan are nuclear powers what if ,india stopped the waters to pakistan there is some one up above the sky who manage and control the entire universe any way,….

    now the situation is entirely different pray just prayer and advise your govt.. and rest of the people that that would be no war between india and pakistan …why thats much means as if we see the islam is 2nd leading religion of the world as muslims are 1190 millions in the world where as there are some 530million hindus mostly in india if war could be waged we as 160or170 muslims doesnot much figure will be sacrificed but islam and rest of the muslims will be there and ….,
    if hindus so you better can get the meaning will only be seen in the museams or some history books ………
    now once again try to hold your senses and one more thing pakistan was there is there and inshallah will be there ……by the grace of ALMIGHTY ALLAH ….

  3. Lt. General Ayub Khan:- jara apna demak chalao agar nahi chala sakte to apne bade bujurgo se poocho jinhone 1965 ki ladai dekhi ho wo bataege ki aapke almost 509 US made PATTON TANK ka kya hua.
    nahi pata to main bata deta hun US report ke according
    471 Pakistani tanks destroyed and 38 captured. these captured tank are placed in various city like meerut, pune. maine to 2 jagha dekhe hai baki bhi hoge.
    1965 ki war me India held 710 mi² (1,840 km²) of Pakistani territory and Pakistan held 210 mi² (545 km²) of Indian territory.
    uppar wale ko bol ki war na ho agar ho gayi to log future me kahenge ki pakistan bhi kabhi hua karta tha…

  4. The Indians do not respect ISI my friend. They Fear it …. and i guess their fear is not misplaced. The origins of this fear dates back to the Afghan War …. Indians having very close ties with the Russians saw how their Super Power friends gradually succumbed to the game played by ISI and ultimately practically went down on their knees. To further that fear, Indians saw how beautifully ISI orchestrated the entire game in kashmir, to their utter helplessness, they just realized that nothing they did was enough to stop the ISI from playing their part in the Kashmir insurgency. So that fear is what forces them to react to everything with ISI on their mind.
    Despite spending billions of Rs on their defence, security and intelligence, they just somehow seem to be so helpless against ISI. As a matter of fact, their reaction is a silent acknowledgment to the potency of our Intelligence Org.
    In doing so they, fail to realize that they are infact undermining their own security apparatus.
    It will be an understatement to say that ISI has no interest in India. Being our arch rival since inception, ISI obviously keeps a watch on things going in Inida, and quite successfully at that too.
    What is saddening is to see how our govts react to ISI. and believing it to be an anti-state element, want to dis-arm this potent line of defence. Surely ISI has been involved in Pakistani Politics, but that does not change the fact that on the trans-frontier theater, it has given us much more than what we have asked for. Let us give the devil, due credit and acknowledge just as the Indians do everytime they are Hit and say for sure that ISI is playing its role very positively.
    As far as this particular incident is concerned, nothing can be said for sure, whether ISI is involved in it or not. From the looks of it, it does not seem so. For starters, the ISI Chief is a totally non-political figure, who is acting under direct orders of the COAS. The COAS being a person, who wants to de-politicize the Army for sure. If at all, for argument’s sake, ISI is involved in this incident, trust me, it can only be on the direction of the present govt setup. and from the looks of the present govt, they are so spineless, that orders to carry out such an act could simply not have come from their quarters.
    Anyways, till the time, concrete proof is laid out of the table by the Indians, involvement of ISI just cannot be determined by anyone. I, for one am quite sure that this time, this surely is an internal game for India, rather than being exported from Pakistan. Afterall, things are not so sweet there for the Muslim minority, as they claim to be. Just because they had placed a Muslim President once, does not mean that they entire Muslim population of India is at peace. Afterall, scores of Muslims have died due to the partial and bias behaviour of the Indian govt in the past. The reaction had to surface sometime. Why not accept this and mend their own ways, rather than blame Pakistan for everything.
    This is just what i think ……. Deccan Mujahideen might have been unknown, but so was Al-Qaida only a decade ago.


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