Hamzaad (Qareen)

Forces of Darkness – 3

Hamzaad (Qareen ) is the demon permanently assigned to each person during his/her life whose job is to seduce human beings. Allah Almighty says: “His Companion will say: “Our Lord! I did not make him transgress, but he was (himself) far astray.” (Qaf: 27) i.e. the devil assigned to seduce him will say: “My lord! It was not me who seduced him at the beginning, but it was he himself who preferred blindness to guidance. So, I helped him achieve his goal through seduction.”

36. If anyone withdraws himself from remembrance of ((Allah)) Most Gracious, We appoint for him an evil one, to be an intimate companion to him. Sura Az-Zukhruf (36)

In a hadith, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) tells us that a demon is assigned to every human being: “There is no one among you but a comrade from among the jinn is assigned to him.” Sahaba e Karam (RA) present in that occasion asked: “Even you, O Messenger of Allah?” He said: “Even me, but Allah granted me victory over him and he became Muslim (or: and I am safe from him), so he only enjoins me to do that which is good.”

In order to get rid of such demon comrade, one should continuously recite the Quran, particularly the verse of Al-Kursi (verse number 255 of Surat Al-Baqarah), and the last two verses of the same Surah.

So Qareen or Hamzaad is a devil appointed as a companion. The Qareen should not be asked to be brought out or revealed, they are dangerous. However, some Amileens take the risk and do various things to communicate with him and gain benefits. Since Hamzaad remains with an individual, he knows about all the history of the person. Amils after taking control over their own Hamzaad, contact with the Hamzaad of any person and gain information about their past. By this way they inform their clients about their past and impress them with their knowledge but Hamzaad don’t have information about the future so any information on future given by Amileen is not reliable.

Enslaving the Jinns or Hamzaad is possible but a risky business and can cost one his life. It shouldn’t be done without having proper guidance from an experienced person. Once an amil was doing exercise for controlling his Hamzaad. He lit a candle and placed it on his back in a dark room during night. He focused on his shadow which appeared on the front wall and started reciting a verse. He continued for few nights after which his shadow started moving. After some more time, the shadow started running around the room although the candle and he himself was stationary. On the last day of his exercise, he was busy in his work without knowing that some guests were sleeping on the roof top of his neighbor’s house. All of sudden the Charpoys (beds) started falling from the roof. The guests got panicked and a crowd gathered around. People knocked the amil’s door as well and he had to break his work to go out to see whats happening. His Chila broke and the Hamzaad got free. Later the amil started receiving stains of blood on him and suffered throughout his life.

Hamzaad gets powerful when its companion human being indulges in evils and gets weaker if the person does good deeds. When one goes astray from the right path, he/she gets strong inclination/temptation from the inside. He/she feels that someone inside is pushing towards something. Scientist can claim it to be split personality or anything else. But the truth is Man is born with both Evil and Good in his inside. He has choice. If he chooses evil, than his evil takes over his goodness and he becomes a devil. If he chooses goodness the evil is enslaved and he becomes superior to Angels, a true Naib of Almighty Allah and deserves to be called Ashraf ul Makhlooqat.

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  1. AASALAM-O-ALAIKUM :Hamzad-{qareen} per maine buhat se kitabein perhi hain…, lekin Aaj tak kise ustad ki Rehnumahi nahi mile.Comment submit karne ka Maqsad yeh hai k Mujhe Aap ki Rehnumahi chahiyeh.,kohi esa Amal batain jis main na kohi perhaze ho,aur na mushkil ho,jis main kise kisam ka nuqsan na ho…Aap se pouchne ka maqsad aap kohi kabil-e-amal batien.jis main kamiyabi yaqeeni..


  2. AOA,

    Can please let me know what should we read for capturing humzaad for how long and how many days ?

    any help would be greatly appreciated

  3. I need the E-Mail address of Mr. Ghulam Rasool
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  4. Assalamo alaikum. All brother’s and sister. Eid mobarak. Kasif bhai aap bahut dino se nazar nahi aa rahe hain. Kaya baat hai naraz hain kaya. Allah hafiz

  5. salam,.
    i want to control Hamzaad.please advice me and tell me how i can do this.and could you please tell me your kind address to come there and do chilla there in your place?
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    From m ali

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  8. Amal-e-Hamzaad mein perheez yeh hain:
    1. Raat ko zameen per sona ha.
    2. Dorane amal goshat tmam kism ka nahi khana chahiay, fish
    ,pyaz, nasha awr ashiay,amal sorakh kapry pehn ker amal
    kerna chahiay ha.
    3. amal abadi sy bahr kerna ho ga.
    4 amal k doran kushboo laga k amal karo aur rozana balky
    24 ghanty bawazo raho.
    5. Dunya sy alag raho aur khalawat akhtayar kro.
    6. doran aml tarha tarha ki mushklat pesh aaian gy, wo
    tarha tarha sy drayga ta k tm amal chor do.
    7. agr amal kerny k doran 21 din tak kafy asrat zahr ho
    jian gy aur jism m dard aur awasian aana start ho jian gi
    jo k amal ki gurantee ki zamant ho gi.
    8. amal raat k 12bajy kerna ho ga.
    9. sirf 21 mint ka wazifa Ha. yani 21 tasbeeh sirf 1 afz ki
    kerna ho gi. Bs 21 mint ka kam ha 41 raat ka kam ha.
    10. dil ko mazboot rakho aur daro mat.
    11. yeh amal janab shokat ali sb ka tjarba kia huwa amal ha
    agr koy amal kerna chahiay to janab shokat ali sb sy
    rabta kery unhon ny khud yeh amal kia tha aur 2 saal tak hazaad
    ko kaboo mein rakha phr unhon ny hamzaad ko azaad ker dia.
    yeh amal gurantee shoda ha magr yaksoaii e kalb lazmy
    12. dorane e amal 21 mint sirf hamzaad ka tasawar rakho
    koy aur koy aur tasawar na aye. sirf hamzaad ka tasawar rakho.
    13. taskheer e hamzaad naam he tasawar ha jitna tasawar kaam
    rakho itny jaldy kam ho ga.
    14. jab amal start kro to startsy end tak kisy b bandy ko na pta chaly k tm hamzaad
    ka chilla (amal kr rahy ho) kr rahy ho.
    15.Ye amal mera zati nahiha balky janab shokat ali sb ka tajarba shoda ha jo k fort abbas k
    rahny waly hain.
    16. Fe aman allah
    17. 24 ghanty bawazo rahna ho ga.
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