Hamari Daastan Bhi Na Ho Gi Dastanoon Mien

Humans are the most beautiful and charming creation in the universe. The objective of human creation is to know the secrets of universe and to obtain knowledge and awareness. Initially, man was totally ignorant, but as the social progress was made, different skills and knowledge fields were came into being, then humans leaned them, and speedup their progress.

Due to the knowledge, Humans have reached in the outer space. Moon and other planets have no longer can be called invincible. Due to the importance of knowledge, Islam has made it compulsory for both male and female to acquire knowledge. There is no gender distinction in Islam in regard of obtaining education. Due to the education, world is making quantum leaps and progressing at the speed of thought.

Pakistan is a developing country. There are many evils responsible for our ever-present “Developing” status. One of them is the low literacy rate, and many ills in the education system. Though work is under way in improving the education system, buts its painfully slow and fraught with errors. One of the biggest obstacle is the dual education system in the country.

Our education system is classified into “Governmental” and “Private”. Due to this, the thinking of our children is divided and country is going backwards instead of forward. Due to this double standard, at one side we are creating elite, and on the other clerks and masons.

This country belongs to all, not just to one elite class. Everyone has the right to progress. Everyone should have equal opportunities. Everyone should have all the resources available to use. Why don’t government make available same syllabus and schooling system to all? If we still haven’t been successful in bringing our education system to a standard, then what sort of development have we achieved?

They syllabus of private and “sarkari” schools is entirely different. In the private schools, children get best of the course, training and confidence, whereas in the “government” schools, children get the “dunda” of semi-illiterate so-called “Ustaads” and “Ustanis”. There are some very knowledgeable and honest people in the government school setup but they are very few and are in the background.

In this era of globalization, if we really want to survive, we have got to make our education system at par with the demands of passing times. Otherwise “Hamari Daastan Bhi Na Ho Gi Dastanoon Mien”.

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  1. this will not end unless we have a free education system like the US where by law any person under 18 has to be attending school it doesn’t matter what or where your from you have to go to school and the government should provide this right to all there citizens and i am not saying abolish private schooling but with that allow free schooling and encourage the mis fortunate people to educate there kids and have a small monthly allowance for them which only is given to buy there school expenses.


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