Hallmark Uncertainty for Our Response

India has blamed organizations based in Pakistan for last month’s devastating assault on its financial capital, and there has been growing pressure on the government here to act against groups suspected of involvement. Pakistan’s resolve not to allow its soil to be used for any kind of terrorist activity anywhere in the region or and the world is falling on deaf ears.

Pakistan is a responsible, democratic state that is fully committed to safeguarding its national interests and fulfilling its international obligations. Pakistan rejects terrorism in all forms and manifestations, and recognizes that action against terrorism is integral to its core interests. That is why Pakistan is helping United States for the last many years in its war against terror, and now just due to that war Pakistan is simmering from Karachi to Khyber and the economy is in terrible condition.

But Pakistan cannot do it alone and Pakistan, certainly, cannot do it while its neighbor starts threatening. America has to understand this and understand quickly. The security and stability of the South Asia is in the fundamental interests of the people of this region and it is therefore imperative to proactively defuse the prevailing tensions.

The role of India in all this episode is very disappointing. It seems that they were waiting for the Mumbai blasts to start, because as soon as the attacks started, Indians started pointing fingers towards Pakistan.

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