Hairline Situation

On the borderline of Pakistan and Afghanistan, in the FATA area and especially in the Kurram Agency, along with the Paktika province of Afghanistan, the ominous buildup of the US led NATO forces has given jitters to the tribesmen, and a wave of apprehension has swept over the country, and people are wondering.

While the spokesperson of the ISPR has said that they have been monitoring the situation very carefully, and there is no threat whatsoever, and it was a routine exercise of the NATO forces along the volatile border, and it only got intensified after the killing of nine US soldiers by Talibans in the Paktika province.

The restive situation in the FATA area and some of the settled areas in Pakistan has left the country crippled, and the relationships of Pakistan with United States and Afghanistan have become strained, and the recent volley of threats from Afghan President Hamid Karzai is just the tip of the iceberg.

It is the need of hour that Pakistan must devise a clear-cut and unambiguous strategy in dealing with the situation in FATA and clearly define its role in the war against terror.

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