Habitual Condemnation

It has become literally a joke for the present government to condemn the drone and missile attacks in the administered and tribal areas by the United States. The grimly funny thing is that whenever government and it’s cronies condemn the attacks, the attacks come with more vigor and destruct with much more intensity.

The recent Bannu attack by the drone was the first on the Pakistani areas, and being it’s first Pakistan even dared to call American ambassador Anne W. Patterson to the foreign office, and now it’s unknown who scolded whom there. Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has made it a habit to condemn the attacks every morning, whether last night one occurred or not.

Now the American media is brandishing that there is a tacit understanding between the present government and the United States over these attacks and all this condemnation is lip service and in actual the accords of Musharraf government have been ratified by the present administration of Islamabad.

Luckily it seems that the opposition has risen a bit. Opposition leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has demanded that the United Nations be approached for an end to such violations of the Pakistani territory. He even suggested that the supply line to the Nato forces be cut off if the attacks did not stop. He also must not make it a habit.

3 thoughts on “Habitual Condemnation”

  1. I am surely worried about the new chap and his policies for the world. This, fellas is going to be even tougher. There was a news last night that Isreal is planning for Iram now regardless of 70% of US polls show they are against any more warring fronts. Ofcourse they cannot go uni laterally into Isreal. If this goes on, we will soon here urgent UNGA meeting and UNSC meeting giving heavy madate for assaulting Iran! I hope we never see that day!

    Pakistani govt seems to have taken time out. They aren’t playing yet. They cannot even be seen in the benches around the playing feild. Somebody please call them into the area since they like it or not, the match has already started!


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