Gulgee: A Living Maestro

The saddening murder of Gulgee took me with utter shock. I couldn’t cry nor could I do anything else to express the intensity of shock I was in on the evening of 19th December. The person I have admired since so long and was a great fan of and wanted to meet him once in life was no more. And ‘no more’ because of some cruel and stone-hearted people who had done a thing for which they will be loathed by millions of admirers and fans of Gulgee for ever.

They have made dead a person who was as innocent as a child and when ever he was interviewed, when he talked it looked like he was so much full of talent and ‘ishq’ that in one sitting it seemed impossible to take all the feelings out which seemed to be full to capacity. He just seemed to take out of him and pass all the knowledge and passion he had to the new generations.

The scavengers who have murdered him have done a great loss to the world of art but they cannot make his work vanish, disappear or fade out with his death nor can they kill the love and admiration he has got in his life and will get after wards.

Ismail Gulgee was an institution whose celebrated work and art will live forever for the generations to come. It hurts and it hurts where it really hurts and it hurts in the heart but nothing can be done now except praying for him and admiring his work. May his soul rest in peace.

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