Growing population of the world and its effects

World Population

Some people say that the gap between the world’s rich and poor is growing as fast as its population. They converse consumption crisis and unequal distribution of the world’s finite resources and a growing threat to the well being of much of the planet’s population.

The environmentalists have been warning about a threat of population growth for decades but whether or not you are experiencing the consequences depends largely on where you live. According to UN when a child is born, he/she has a 3 & 10 chance of being born into abject poverty and 4 & 10 chance of being only marginally better of. That body enters the world where the wealthiest countries are using far more than an equal share of resources.

The richest 1/5th of humanity consumes 86% of the world’s goods and services, the poorest 5th consumes just over 1%, and current trends where the developing world absorbing almost all of the world’s population growth are likely to make the disparity worst.
The population growth rate is far at pace then our ability to ride people jobs and education, housing and health care, in addition to that we are causing tremendous environmental problems in the world.

The principle population problems in the world today are concentrated in sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian sub-continent which includes Pakistan. In sub-Saharan Africa population are going still at close to 3% a year which is 20 folds increase in 100 years. Obviously no country can stay on that trajectory for very long, most of the services are lagging behind the growing population, whether its education or health care or even such basic things as food production.

When we look at the growing affluence of population that increase spending power and increase consumption that it starts to multiply up into something very serious. Developed countries are drawing in resources from all over the world and this has an enormous effect in the countries that these materials come from. We now live in an integrated global economy, rich countries should be concerned about the problems of developing countries. We are now integrated economically and certainly we have always been integrated environmentally. But, if we are going to deal with the problems facing the world effectively, we are going to do it together, that means the developed countries, must help out the developing countries.

We call this world a global village, for the sustenance of this global village for our future generations we need to work together. We are integrated environmentally as well as economically, which means we live together and we die together.

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