Government Failure in Islamabad

The suicide attack in Islamabad targeting the police force deployed for the security of the day-long rally by the students of religious seminaries in front of the Lal Masjid to mark the first anniversary of the Lal Masjid Operation of 2007, is not only condemnable by every mean and measure, it is also a point for the concern for the new government, which has just completed its lackluster hundred days.

Almost all the promises of this new government have been proved false, and they have disappointed everyone in every way and nothing has been achieved in these months, and the government and its officials seem clueless. Its one most glaring example was the conduct of the the Adviser to the Prime Minister on Interior, Rehman Malik who just reached the venue of the blast very late and then shoot the statements without thinking twice.

The Islamabad blast is the second blast since this government has taken the reigns of the country in its hand, and it could be the backlash of the Khyber Agency Operation, or it could be the result of the seething and persistent anger of the Lal Masjid operation of last year.

Whatever it is, the new government has failed to fulfill its duties and they seem to be in total loss and chaos.

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