Governer Sindh Ishrat ul Ibad Khan Singing in Youth Festival

After the success of Pervez Musharraf in singing it seems that he’s having a tough competition. First one to follow him in this regard was Chief Minister Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif. He showcased his talent in Geo TV’s Independence day special program “Bachay man kay Sachay”. Next in the lime light is Governor Sindh, Dr. Ishratul Ibad Khan. He has the credit of singing a song under his belt an year ago in the same program. The recent performance has stolen the show for sure. Governor Sindh sang a National song at the prize distribution ceremony of “Youth Festival Karachi”, held in connection with Independence day celebrations from 13 to 16 August under the auspices of the Department of Youth Affairs, Government of Sindh, in collaboration with the Arts council of Pakistan.

Let’s see who will be the next singing sensation.

7 thoughts on “Governer Sindh Ishrat ul Ibad Khan Singing in Youth Festival”

  1. Shakir: I am HERO! (Ain’t we all?) Nyuk-nyuk! I’ll have to tell you about the electrified iron bathtub sometime, when there are no ladies listening. 🙂

    Syed: Har, har, har! Seems like a little more common sense is in order, don’t you think? I think the thieves of this world have a club, and they protect their fellow thieves who are on the run, knowing that they, too, will probably be on the run someday. If all us dummies would stop our celebrity worship, the thieves wouldn’t be in a position to be thieves.

  2. Two theives entered in a house, home owner woke up, both theives decided to run, one stuck on door, other ran away, the owner reached to theif on door, gave him the keys and said, can you please look after my home, I am going to catch the other theif.

    Unfortunately Its our national habbit that we run after people who are away. Have a look on past, we spent millions of national wealth on foriegn courts just to proove Altaf and Zardari are guilty. Whats the outcome, Zardari is president and Altaf is controlling the Sindh. We have not done any thing when Mushy was in Pakistan but once he ran away, we are after him. Why on earth we have left the issue of nro behind so we can prosecute the theives who are holding the keys of power.

    For God sake, wake up, dont run after two in bushes, deal with one in hand

  3. James: that bit about making love while standing reminded me of a joke I heard years ago. This super-fit guy is asked the reason for his super stamina. He says whenever he has to do anything, he picks up the most difficult way of doing it. Like for instance running the three miles from his home to his office instead of going there in a car or cab. So someone asks him how he makes love. He replies, “In a hammock…..standing.”

  4. @Shakir: Maybe they have tin ears, too. Did you know that Baptists never make love standing up? They’re afraid someone will think they’re dancing. (Apologies to all dancing Baptists.)

    @Hina: You’ve got it. If you can’t be yourself, who can you be? A serious mind must be balanced with a light heart, lest the weight of the world become oppressive, methinks.

  5. @JKS
    Creative people are better problem-solvers. Agreed……….

    @Shakir Sir
    I am neither conservative nor against singing or songs. 🙂
    It is commendable when you are on a respectable post and courageous enough to be informal. good to see that.

  6. I don’t understand why conservative people are so averse to song and music. Sometime back there was an uproar when the chief of the Federal Board of Revenue sang and danced at his own daughter’s wedding dinner. Whenever I have the blues, I sing the film songs I used to hear when I was young, and within a few minutes I’m my own normal, ebullient self.

  7. Ha-ha! I once saw our former President Bill Clinton on stage with some country band, guitar or something in hand and singing some country ballad with considerable competence, and was very pleasantly surprised to see such an important person letting his hair down and having some fun. I also was relieved to see that he was endowed with the breadth of mind that the arts can give you.

    I am admittedly somewhat biased, but I think creative people are better problem-solvers, even though their methods might be hard to understand sometimes.


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