Governance with Accountability

The mess which was expected to be cleared by the elected government of Pakistan People’s Party is still there and has increased manifolds with no hope of wiping out, as the PPP is eyeing the sweet fruit of Punjab and busy in shenanigans in Lahore. The ship of democracy is in turbulent waters and breakup is on the cards if things go as they are.

Sow what to do in this messy situation? What we need is an honest accounting of how we got into this mess, beginning with an investigation of the role of the so-called leaders of the past starting from the accountability of the Pervez Musharraf.

Going back one year, however it was thought that PPP would live up to the expectations and would undo the wrongs of Musharraf administration. But Asif Ali Zardari quashed all the hopes by breaking promises, accords and the charters and his Machiavellian politics repelled the nation and pushed the people into despair.

But all is not lost yet. Still the democratic government is there. The only thing needed is the governance with transparent accountability.

2 thoughts on “Governance with Accountability”

  1. Dude what are u talking about???

    First do teh accountability of those who are sitting in a pleasure seats..ask them about surray palace

    ask nawaz sharif about his ventures with national treasure??

    then come to musharraf..

    All ur reports and analysis are baseless wake up

    Musharraf zindabad!


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