Gordon Point At LeT

Pakistan is rocking with the bomb blasts and suicide attacks and have lost thousands of its civilians and the army persons, just because the USA and UK are fighting its war on terror and Pakistan is their front line ally in that war, but never any British Prime Minister has visited Pakistan to show sympathy or solidarity with the Pakistan.

British Prime Minister has said that his current visit to India aimed at expressing his sympathy with the Indian people and the government aggrieved by the Mumbai attacks. British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown has said that Lashkar-e-Taiba was responsible for the Mumbai attacks.That indirectly means that Pakistan is involved.

Now the British idiot is in Pakistan. He will do what John Negroponte and the Rice has done. He will twist the arms of our weak and slavish leaders and they will puke for sure. Everybody know in their guts that Pakistan hasn’t has anything to do with the attacks and yet Pakistan is acting like a accomplice.

No activist or worker of the Jamaat-ud- Daawa could be detained because it is not required under the UN Security Council resolution but even then the leadership of Jamaat-ud-Dawa is under house arrest. That is the weakness shown by Pakistan. Pakistan must ask for the proof.

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