Google Indic Transliteration: Convert English to Urdu

Google Indic Transliteration

If you are wondering which software to use for Urdu fonts or tired of using Inpage, Google has introduced a translator to convert Roman Urdu in Urdu fonts. You have to just type a sentence or word in roman Urdu and it would be converted into Urdu Fonts automatically.

This is one of the most impressive tools from Google that I have seen for Pakistani web users. Google’s Transliteration technology converts the content into the local language automatically and also offers corrective terms to maintain accuracy. This online tool is capable enough to eradicate the need to get a paid Urdu word processor.

The same technology is also used by Google in their other web applications like Orkut and Blogger to enable web users to communicate in their own languages.

The translator works for Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. Click here to open the Google Indic page and start typing to get Urdu fonts immediately. It’s amazingly easy to use and great.

6 thoughts on “Google Indic Transliteration: Convert English to Urdu”

  1. Hina, sounds like a great thing, but how accurate is it? I’ve examined some of the translation tools on Google from English to other languages that I do know fairly well, and vice-versa, and some of them seem completely botched. I’m familiar with the ways that other-language speakers lose particular bits of English (my German endings are lousy), even to the point where I can identify many of their original languages by the parts they lose, and I can live with that–it’s understandable, forgivable, and meaning can be derived despite booboos like that, but some of the translation programs scramble it so badly that no sense can be made of the results.

    There’s also always the question of the honesty of the interpreters, who are sometimes moved to put their own slants on things.

  2. بہت شاندار چیز ہے گوگل کی جانب سے۔ میرے خیال میں اب لوگوں کا آخری بہانہ بھی ختم ہو چکا ہے جنہیں اردو ٹائپ کرنے میں مشکل پیش آتی ہے۔ جیو گوگل


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