Google Buzz: Is Google Social Networking Tool A Twitter Killer?

Google BuzzGoogle has announced its newest push into the social media incursion in the form of Google Buzz. It is a social networking tool which enables the Gmail users to share updates, photos, videos and more. It sounds like an imitation of the features of the most popular Social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

Gmail is the third most popular Web-based email in the world with 176.5 million users worldwide. Google has fallen behind Facebook, facing a tough competition after Facebook’s acquisition of FriendFeed.

However, privacy concerns have been raised about this new tool too. Buzz compiles a list of the Gmail contacts that users most frequently e-mail or chat with and automatically starts following these people and makes the list public for other buzz users (which probably many of us don’t want). Many people who start using Buzz may be publicly linked to other users without realizing it that the default setting is to make the information public.

Despite Buzz being the major topic of conversation on Twitter in the last 24 hours or so, it doesn’t compare with the excitement garnered by other recent product announcements. Most users have been comparing it to their experience on Twitter and feedback is mixed. Following are some reviews from Twitter users.

· As per the seems that the only thing good about Buzz is that its optional.. 😀 Vishupuri

· It’s interesting, I’m not really in to facebook, but I am attracted to buzz because it seems to fit into my work flow #googlebuzz Phil Peterman

· Thinking about Google Buzz this morning. Not sure if its going to be business tool for me or a personal tool. Greg Wilson

It might seem overwhelming and unnecessary when you’re already using so many other social networking services, but Buzz allows you to integrate Picasa, Flickr, Twitter and your Google Reader so you can be as transparent as ever right in one place. And, of course, I’d imagine that the bulk of our sharing takes place while on the go, so there is a mobile version, too.

Mashable is already loaded with Google buzz sharing button and reviews Buzz as a partner for twitter but an attempt to challenge the dominance of Facebook by not importing status updates from Facebook while tweets will be imported.

Google is going to have a difficult time building a user base when everyone who has a Facebook profile (that’s just about everyone who uses the social web at all now) is concerned that they can’t see their friends’ updates. They’ll have to keep using Facebook to stay in touch with their Facebook friends.

And last but not the least here is a video tutorial from Google itself to know what buzz is all about.

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So are you buzzing?

2 thoughts on “Google Buzz: Is Google Social Networking Tool A Twitter Killer?”

  1. From my personal experience, Buzz seems to be more of an imitation of twitter than facebook. Having said that, Google hasn’t been sleeping on that front (facebook) either.

    Google also owns and operates Orkut; a social networking site. Orkut came into picture long before facebook & myspace and was quite popular (at least in India). However, in the last few years, facebook seems to have taken up a lot of orkut’s share. Google has noticed this and changed Orkut last month to closely reflect facebook. The difference can be seen if you use Orkut in an old Internet Explorer browser and compare that with the newer version of IE or Firefox or Safari or Chrome.

    Actions such as status updates, fan clubs, photo tagging have taken over from orkut’s main feature; scrapping.

    Infact, Google seems to be becoming an octopus with arms in every pool. What with it launching its own mobile Nexus One against Apple’s I-phone.

    However, in doing so it does risk loosing some of its original sheen with Microsoft’s Bing gaining popularity by the day and Apple planning to use Bing Search and Bing Maps instead of the respective Google applications in its next generation of I-phone and I-pod touch.


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