Golden Fleece

Seeking the right virtual connections in this information explosion has become the priority of every digitized human. All the social networks are capitalizing on this tendency. Blogging, Pod-casting and the similar buzz technologies, all basically the means to achieve the goal of getting connected with the right people for the right purpose to leverage the right potential to exploit the right advantage.

Information crazy and connection monger world now resides in the social networks like Facebook and Orkut. It expresses itself at the blogging joints like Blogger and WordPress. It has all boiled down to the people now, and that is why there are less chances of this bubble to bust.

In the virtual world, first came the information flood. Billions of websites were uploaded. Then came the revelation of requirement to introduce the websites to other. The others also wanted to do the same. Social networks and blogs have rendered this facility to the masses, though in a bit crude form, but its working. Through these networks and blogs people are now introducing their content, news, product, listings, data, software, sites, ads etc.

The elegant organizations of social networks like myspace, orkut, facebook and others are enabling people in a very unique and exquisite way. Due to such networks, people already are a community, already doing what they want to do, already knowing stuff. The job of social networks is not to deliver content or a product. Their job is to help them make connections with information and each other.

All the social networks have been build, improved and evangelised by their members. They were all built from the inside by community members looking to meet the needs of the group they were already part of. The concept of global village is truly being implemented by the social networks.

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