Golden Backup

The life, survival and progress of a business depend upon the information which flows across it. Every competitive business strives hard to ensure the safety of its information. The most obvious way to save something is to make it redundant by copying it somewhere else. In case of any mishap, the backed-up data has to be recovered. The businesses demand that recovery should be fast and reliable. This process is termed as backup. Today’s complex business requirements demand complex strategies for backup and recovery.

According to some school of thoughts in Oracle, the backup and recovery is considered the most important area of database administration. Until and unless, the DBA hasn’t got mastery on the backup and recovery techniques, he is not doing his job properly. There is no technique of recovery exists in the world that can bring back the data after the crash, if there is no backup available. So the moral is take backup and take it regularly and ensure its validity. There is nothing more frustrating then a backed-up data, which turned out to be corrupt at the time of recovery.

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