Going Guns or Going Out ?

There are many lessons that we should learn from history, and some, like India’s aggression in 1965, that we should seek to not to forget. After all, massive, disproportionate military responses are bound to invite unintended, long-term consequences. But India seems to be learning no lesson from any sort of history.

U.S. Senator John McCain has voiced his deep concern over tense South Asian situation, saying India was preparing for some kind of attack on Pakistan in the wake of last month’s Mumbai attacks. According to former Republican presidential candidate, “The Indians are on the verge of some kind of attack on Pakistan,” such as an air attack on suspected militant camps.

Americans have also given the nod, it seems from the posture of the Indians and as Israel attracts world attention, India could exploit the situation, but it must remember that when accompanied by unrealistic ideas of victory and defeat, the tragedies are only destined to multiply.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has expressed concern over escalation of India and Pakistan tensions, but she keeps on saying ‘Do More’ to Pakistan. She must accomplish something before going out.

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